From fitness apps to setting up boot camp programs, this is where personal trainers come to learn the latest exercise techniques and how to motivate their clients

Experts from throughout the country to gather at the M Resort and Spa in Las Vegas for the annual Personal Trainers Conference.

Personal trainers motivate their clients to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals by teaching them a variety of exercises, how to perform those exercises efficiently, and how to avoid injuries. But where do they learn all of this valuable information? Each year, hundreds of personal trainers descend on Las Vegas for the annual Personal Trainers Conference. This year, they’ll even be learning about how certain smart phone apps can now help their clients achieve their health, wellness and fitness goals!

Hosted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, (, the worldwide authority on strength and conditioning, this year’s event will be held April 13-14 at the M Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. Nationally known experts will conduct hands-on training and lectures on the latest training techniques, research on popular health trends, and insight into what motivates their clients for success. 

The latest tools to increase business and clients’ success

This year’s lecture series encompasses everything from tips for keeping clients motivated to nutritional strategies. These seminars will include:  

  • Using Applications to Improve Client Results, Paul Moore, assistant director, Appalachian Regional Healthcare System’s Wellness Center This session will focus on using smart phone “apps” for nutrition, health/wellness and fitness. Are you looking for a way to help your clients track their blood sugar, weight, BMI, caffeine intake or cholesterol numbers? Trying to find healthy nutrition choices while traveling? Need a restaurant with gluten-free choices? Does a client need an exercise regimen while they are out of town? This session will introduce apps that can answer these questions and provide information to improve performance results.
  • Bending the Aging Curve: A Targeted Periodized Program To Maximize Independence and Reduce Falls in Older Adults, Dr. Joe Signorile, professor of Exercise Physiology, University of MiamiThe aging process affects all of the systems of the body reducing the capacities to live independently and safely. Unfortunately, we do not all age the same way and each of us has our own unique set of needs that dictate the best exercise intervention. The session will show how to structure a periodized training program that provides the most effective mix of work and recovery, and explains Dr. Signorile’s concept of translational training as an effective tool to translate physical improvements into improvements in daily living.
  • Nutrient Timing: Exposing the Common Misconceptions and Applying the Latest Research, Alan Aragon, nutrition expert and Men’s Health contributor. Aragon will review the current science of the impact of meal frequency on body composition and training performance. Attendees will learn how specific applications of timing and type of nutrients for both casual and competitive athletes across the continuum of training demands.

There also will be a variety of hands-on training sessions, including:  

  • Pediatric Exercise Physiology: Training an Adult is Not the Same as a Child, Patrick Cullen-Carroll, chair, Executive Board of the Youth Special Interest Group of the NSCA. This session will look at the differences between training adults and children. Trainers must take into consideration the ideas of long-term athletic development and physical literacy when developing fitness and training programs for children. This session will show trainers how to take children and adolescents through a step-by-step progression that is training age and physiologically appropriate.
  • Legitimizing Your Boot Camp Program, Taylor Simon, MSc, BA, CSCS, co-founder and co-owner of Taylored Training Fitness. Boot camps remain one of the most popular trends in the fitness business, showing no sign of slowing down. What is lacking from most boot camp programs, however, is a blend of unique programming and actual science. Most often these programs are simply a haphazard blend of various exercises from the latest YouTube video. This session will show you how to incorporate real science, like periodization and energy systems, into a functional boot camp class that will leave your participants crawling through the mud, and show you exactly how this works through the use of half lecture and half practical application.

The NSCA’s Personal Trainers Conference will be held April 13-14, 2012 at the M Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. For a complete list of presentations and additional information about the nonstop activities to be held during this event, visit

Media Note: For additional information, to make arrangements to attend a conference presentation, or to schedule an interview, please contact Greg Nockleby at 800.815.6826. 

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