The Future of Personal Training: Where is the Industry Headed? ... Brandi Binkley speaks at the 2014 National Conference on The Future of Personal Training. In this four-part series, Brandi talks about the personal training market and provides advice on how trainers can improve their marketability. Brandi also discusses trends and training models. Periodization Strategies for Firefighters There are inherent challenges to designing training programs for firefighters, Mark Abel says in this member-only lecture from the 2014 TSAC Conference. Join Mark as he provides valuable insight into programming for these tactical athletes, including appropriate periodization and training strategies that address these challenges. What We Say Matters - Uncovering the Truth about Cueing People's attention span is limited, cautions Nick Winkelman in this lecture from the NSCA's 2014 National Conference. Join Nick as he talks about not inundating your athletes and clients with information, and tailoring your cueing to their individual needs.
    The Promises and Perils of Academic Life: Perspectives of Wome ... Dr. Joan Eckerson speaks at the 2014 National Conference on The Promises and Perils of Academic Life. Dr. Eckerson discusses topics such as tenure and promotion, the statistics behind women in science, and the promises and rewards of a career in academia. Development of Phase Potentiation for Strength and Power Athle ... Power and strength translate into force, the key behind any push athlete's success. In this lecture from the NSCA's 2015 Coaches Conference, USOC Coach Brad DeWeese discusses periodization and the need to develop phase potentiation for push athletes. Training the Pregnant and Postpartum Client While exercise and weight management can be critical for a healthy pregnancy and recovery, special care should be taken when training pregnant and postpartum clients. In this lecture from the 2014 Personal Trainers Conference, Annette Lang provides an overview of what it means to work with this specific population.
    How to Build a Successful Long-term Coaching Career The NSCA provides career-focused benefit videos designed to help members gain expert insight, knowledge and tips to help further their careers. How to Build a Successful Long-term Coaching Career features Coach Allen Hedrick when he spoke at the NSCA's 2014 National Conference. Sustain Your Brain: Protecting the Tactical Athletes Most Vita ... On a daily basis, tactical athletes take in their surrounding environments, make quick decisions, and put those decisions into actions. Their success begins with the brain, and like any other muscle, it needs to be fueled properly. Join Nick Barringer as he discusses fueling the brain, nutritional threats, and substances that can stave off cognitive decline and improve performance. Working Back From Sunday Look at the end result and work back - not only in training your athletes, but in your career, says Mark Uyeyama, head strength and conditioning coach for the San Francisco 49ers. In this lecture from the NSCA's 2014 National Conference, Coach Uyeyama talks about his career trajectory and how he, as a coach, ultimately got to game day in professional football.