Becoming a Personal Trainer In this six-part series, Amy B. Thompson speaks at the 2014 National Conference on Becoming a Personal Trainer. Top 20 Mobility and Warm-Up Exercises In this hands-on lecture from the NSCA's 2014 Personal Training Conference, Nick Tumminello demonstrates his Top 20 mobility and activation exercises and explains why they are in his toolbox. Nick talks about how it is important for trainers to sort through the hundreds of available exercises to better serve their clients. What Advice Would You Give to Women Entering the Strength and ... NSCA experts answer your FAQs. Today, we look to Meg Stone, Julia Ladewski, Katie Krall, and Abbie Smith-Ryan to answer the question, “What advice would you give to women entering the strength and conditioning field?”
    Barefoot Training Join Loren Landow as he talks about barefoot training during the NSCA's 2014 National Conference. Drawing on his personal experience with fascial injury, Landow demonstrates mobility and activation exercises designed to help build ankle and foot strength. SWAT Physical Fitness From an Operator's Perspective Join Sgt. Ron Sheppard as he talks about physical fitness from the specialized tactical perspective - in this case, the Colorado Springs Police Department SWAT team. With more than 20 years experience, Sgt. Sheppard provides the operators' view of fitness and training. Nutrient Timing Revisited In this video from the NSCA's 2014 National Conference, Brad Schoenfeld and Alan Aragon discuss the evidence behind nutrient timing and exercise, focusing specifically on protein, amino acids and carbohydrate.
    Addressing High School Strength & Conditioning FAQs Currently in his 30th year as the strength and conditioning coach for Ben Davis High School, Kevin Vanderbush understands high school athletes. In this video from the NSCA's 2014 Coaches Conference, he answers some frequently asked questions about high school strength and conditioning. What Is the Biggest Misconception People Have About Strength a ... Today, we look to Scott Bennett, Jason Cole, Julia Ladewski and Patrick McHenry to answer the question, “What is the biggest misconception people have about strength and conditioning?” What Does Being Recognized as an RSCC*E Mean to You? NSCA experts answer your FAQs. Today, we look to Bob Alejo, Pat Cullen-Carroll, Boyd Epley and Kevin Vanderbush to answer the question, “What does being recognized as an RSCC*E mean to you?”