High Performance Leadership "How can we practically, meaningfully and positively affect communication, leadership, and motivation for our staff, our athletes, and our teams?" Tim Wakeham strives to answer this question during this lecture from the 2015 NSCA Coaches Conference. The Movement Perfection Process According to Shawn Myszka, if we optimize on-field movement efficiency, we can maximize athletic performance. Shawn spoke during the NSCA's 2014 National Conference on the importance of mastering the fundamentals of movement. Don't just work to change strength characteristics, he says - change behavior because behavior becomes patterns. Strength and Conditioning Coach Career Progressions Megan Young speaks at the 2015 NSCA Coaches Conference on Career Progressions as a strength and conditioning coach. In this first video, Megan outlines the series, which includes information about setting a vision, crafting your environment, networking, creating opportunity and building a future as a strength coach.
    New Paradigm for Personal Trainers Seeking Excellence "Can personal trainers cure disease?" Phil Kaplan asks during the 2014 Personal Trainers Conference as he talks about shifting the perception of personal trainers towards something greater. What if personal trainers addressed the largest market in a way that they have never been helped before? Join Phil as he discusses big ideas. Fitness, Wellness and Medical Surveillance When putting together a comprehensive training program for firefighters, Jill Craig looks at three things: fitness, wellness and medical surveillance, in that order. Join Jill as she talks about how the Austin Fire Department outlines its training model. From the 2014 TSAC Conference. Recovery and Regeneration Most of us are on the right track but on the wrong train with regard to recovery and regeneration, Brandon Marcello says in this lecture from the 2015 Coaches Conference. Join Brandon as he discusses recovery as the road to regeneration.
    Positional Influences, Breathing and Performance: The Utilizat ... Posture begins with proper rib cage position, which leads to better breathing and ultimately, better athletic performance. Jason Masek discusses the important role that postural restoration plays in strength and conditioning during the 2015 Coaches Conference. Hypertrophy Loading Zones: How Incorporating Light Weights can ... Lighter weights can translate to bigger muscles, Brad Schoenfeld says in this lecture from the NSCA's 2014 Personal Trainer Conference. Brad presents one of his latest studies, which looks at hypertrophy in trained subjects. The Future of Personal Training: Where is the Industry Headed? ... Brandi Binkley speaks at the 2014 National Conference on The Future of Personal Training. In this four-part series, Brandi talks about the personal training market and provides advice on how trainers can improve their marketability. Brandi also discusses trends and training models.