• NSCA Webinars
    Hacking Health Supplements for Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, and Athletic Performance
    For both muscle gain and fat loss, much attention has been paid to things like protein shakes and fat burners. However, a variety of other things involved in general health can have drastic affects. Some of these things include ratios of certain vitamins and minerals, how and when these nutrients are taken, and a host of other factors rarely brought up for athletics. Since muscle growth requires the hormonal, immune, and nervous systems to function well, general health supplements that support these systems are quite essential to performance in the gym, perhaps even more so than some common athletic supplements.
    Program Design and Movement Based Progressions
    This webinar will outline the system utilized at Colorado College as it pertains to program design and athletic development. The focus will be on templates and motor ability objectives throughout the course of the training calendar. This webinar will also outline the progressions that each new student-athlete goes through prior to being fully incorporated into the Colorado College training program for their respective sport.
    Customize Your Training Intensity and Recovery – Applying Heart Rate Variability
    All athletes and trainers are looking for ways to optimize their training and recovery. How do you know when you need to train and push it hard compared to when you need to perform more recovery work? Come learn how one 55-second measurement using heart rate variability (HRV) can do just that. Modern technology now enables you to run it on your smartphone with no need for expensive and bulky equipment. Also learn the proper application, what the number really means, and what to do if the numbers are not what you expect.
    Honor, Courage, and Devotion to Duty: Training Within an Academy
    Physical training is a vital component with a fire academy. It develops recruit performance, reduces injuries while on the drill ground, and sets the tone for the day. However, if not programmed correctly, it can cause numerous amounts of injuries that can cost the department hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This webinar will discuss different strategies to incorporate into any fire academy that will enhance recruit training and to help to continue successfully throughout their career.
    Monitoring the Training Process: Internal and External Training Load
    Erik Korem will discuss internal and external training/players loads, how they differ, and why they should be tracked to ensure they are getting the best of their athletes and team. Korem will highlight that one size does not fit all and how cookie-cutter models for programming are fundamentally flawed and can lead to poor performance.
    Program Design Made Easy
    Creating a strength and conditioning program for hypertrophy, strength, power, and performance is often made out to be extremely technical and confusing. The reality is that while programming is indeed a science, it is far from rocket science. This webinar will cut through all the confusion and walk through a simple “plug-n-play” template system that has been used for over 10 years with thousands of athletes. Not only can it provide great results, but the system is sound, simple, and extremely easy to implement with any population.
    Applying Speed Science for Faster Athletes
    In this webinar, Michael Young will present the latest findings in speed-related research including research on biomechanics, physiology, and strength training. Young will take these findings and make them applicable to coaches and athletes looking to improve sprint speed. He will look at both the mechanics and physical qualities associated with sprinting. Finally, Young will provide tips on the best means and methods for speed development.
    4 for 4: Four Biomechanical Patterns (That Cause Injury) and Four Techniques to Fix Them
    According to the research and teachings of Vladimir Janda, tactical facilitators can break the body down into four segments. These four segments are responsible for most of the faulty biomechanics and altered firing patterns that cause pain, dysfunction, and ultimately, injury. This webinar will explore what these four segments are and provide four techniques that coaches and facilitators can use to improve the performance of all of their athletes. Whether picking up spine boards, pulling a hose, or carrying a weapon, this webinar will provide “simple tools” to get it done safely and effectively.
    A Sensible Review of Recovery and Performance
    Drug abuse has been a mainstay of performance enhancement among elite athletes. In a quest to develop and implement additional measures to enhance performance, recovery methods have become important adjuncts to traditional training. There are various recovery methods with limited scientific justification, limited success, and many profit-motivated claims. I would like to help coaches, athletes, and administrators take a sensible look at recovery by providing an organized conceptual framework, information that can help evaluate claims, and some demonstrated and promising modalities.
    Immediate Application: Caffeinated Drinks and Explosive Exercise
    The session answers frequently asked questions regarding caffeinated drinks and explosive resistance exercise. Topics will include mechanisms of action, mental versus physical stimulation, safety, dose, sex differences, the effects of habituation, magnitude of performance enhancement, and accidental discoveries.