• NSCA Webinars
    Overtraining: Truth, Lies, and Consequences
    Overtraining remains one the most controversial topics within athletic competition and highly trained athletes, as it can lead to increased fatigue and can create performance impairments. The onset of overtraining develops due to a sequence of training bouts that is abruptly increased, last for an extended period of time, and/or exhibit a high-volume or high-intensity exercise with inadequate recovery and regeneration. Considering that overtraining is always a big topic among coaches, trainees, and the scientific community, this session will discuss the truth, lies, and consequences surrounding overtraining.
    Program Design and Movement Based Progressions
    This webinar will outline the system utilized at Colorado College as it pertains to program design and athletic development. The focus will be on templates and motor ability objectives throughout the course of the training calendar. This webinar will also outline the progressions that each new student-athlete goes through prior to being fully incorporated into the Colorado College training program for their respective sport.