• Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet: Health Implications for the 21st Century
    • By:Loren Cordain, Professor Emeritus, PhD
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    • Webinar Date:6/10/2014
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    There is growing awareness that profound changes in the environment (e.g. in diet and other lifestyle conditions) that began with the introduction of agriculture and animal husbandry approximately 10,000 years ago occurred too recently on an evolutionary timescale for the human genome to adjust. In conjunction with this discordance between our ancient, genetically-determined biology and the nutritional, cultural and activity patterns of contemporary western populations, many of the so-called diseases of civilization have emerged. In the U.S. and most western countries, diet-related chronic diseases represent the single largest cause of morbidity and mortality. These diseases are epidemic in contemporary, westernized populations and typically affect 50-65% of the adult population, yet they are rare or non-existent in hunter-gatherers and other less westernized people. The ultimate factor underlying diseases of civilization is collision of our ancient genome with the new conditions of life in affluent nations including the nutritional qualities of recently introduced foods.

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