NSCA Student Verification Information

Student members are required to provide verification of their current full-time student status to the NSCA Membership Department within 30 days of becoming a student member or of renewing a student membership.

Acceptable forms of verification are a copy of your current class schedule with your name printed on it or the NSCA Student Verification Form. Transcripts are not an acceptable form of verification, they are a requirement for the CSCS and CSPS certification exams only.

Use one of these options to send your student verification:

  • Scan and email to 
  • Fax to: (719) 632-6367
  • Mail to: NSCA | Membership Department - Student Verification | 1885 Bob Johnson Dr. | Colorado Springs, CO 80906 

Frequently Asked Questions About the NSCA Student Membership

What if I am on summer break?
For the summer break you may submit proof of fall registration by providing a class schedule or the signed Student Verification Form.

Why do you require supporting information to get student membership?
Students are given discounts on membership and conferences. In order to justify giving students these discounts, the NSCA has developed a policy regarding who qualifies and how they must prove their student status.

What if I sent my information to the Certification Department?
The Certification Department will ask for official transcripts. The Membership Department requires a current class schedule or verification form  to show a full-time student status.

Why are some memberships prorated?
Students are given 30 days after they join or renew to submit verification. When this is not received, the NSCA will try and contact them via letter or email. If there is no response, then the membership is prorated to a Professional Membership to reflect that the verification was not received.

Do I have to submit verification every year?
Yes, we require students to submit their information every time they renew.

What if I graduated? Or I am getting ready to graduate?
As long as you are a full-time student at the time you join/renew, you will continue as a student member for that membership term.

What is considered full-time?
Full-time attendance is 9 or more credit hours for undergraduate students and 6 or more credit hours for graduate students.

What must I submit to prove student status?
Please submit a copy of your current class schedule that includes your name and date of attendance or the signed Student Verification Form.

How do you know student status has been received?
Once documentation has been received by the Membership Department you will be emailed confirmation of receipt for your records. If you have not received an email within 7 days of sending verification, email or call 800-815-6826 and ask for the Membership Department to inquire further.

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