Board of Directors

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 5, 2012 San Antonio Marriott River Center, Conference Room 9

Dr. Jay Hoffman continued the meeting from Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 8:00 am Central Standard Time on Thursday, January 5, 2012 with discussion items.

Participating in the meeting was: Dr. Jay Hoffman, NSCA President, Dr. Steve Fleck, NSCA President Elect, Dr. Jill Bush, NSCA Vice President, Mr. Chat Williams, NSCA Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. David Syzmanski, Dr. Todd Miller, Dr. Rodney Gaines, Dr. Michael Ma, Dr. Bill Holcomb, Mr. Jon Jost.

Also participating in the meeting were Dr. Alan Kinniburgh, NSCA Executive Director, Mr. David Sandler, Sr. Director of Education and Performance, Ms. Joni Costa and Ms. Brenda McQuay, Executive Assistants.

Topic: Change the Name of Special Achievement Award
Motion Proposed By: Jay Hoffman
Motion Seconded By: Jon Jost
Proposed Motion: That the Board of Directors changes the name of the Special Achievement Award to the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Impact Award.
Resolution: That the Board of Directors changes the name of the Special Achievement Award to the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Impact Award.
Staff Support: Dr. Alan Kinniburgh

Discussion Items

  1. International Fellowship, opportunity to achieve points (see attached) - Dr. Jay Hoffman
    • Jeremy M. Sheppard, PhD, ASCA Master Coach, Senior Lecturer, School of Exercise, Biomedical, and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, Western Australia sent an inquiry to Dr. Hoffman with regard to his desire to become a fellow of NSCA.
    • Category C of the requirements refers to NSCA service tasks.
    • Dr. Sheppard’s inquiry makes a point of the difficulty of foreign members to meet the requirement.
    • What can be done to accommodate countries who do not have an affiliate to allow them to meet the Category C of the fellowship requirements?
    • ACTION: Forward the letter from Dr. Sheppard to the Fellowship Committee and ask them to investigate and respond. No motion at this time.
  2. Appointment of a Land Use Taskforce - Dr. Jay Hoffman
    • Members recommended and approved for Land Use Taskforce were:
      • Dr. Jay Hoffman
      • Dr. Steve Fleck
      • Mr. Chat Williams
      • Dr. Jill Bush
      • Dr. Bill Kraemer
      • Mr. Boyd Epley
      • Dr. Alan Kinniburgh
      • Mr. David Sandler
      • Ms. Lee Madden
    • The Board of Directors recommended that Dr. Steve Fleck should serve as Chair for the taskforce and Mr. Boyd Epley will serve as NSCA staff liaison. No motion needed.
  3. Women’s Committee criteria for Mentorship Program - Dr. Jill Bush
    • Dr. Jill Bush reported that the Women’s Committee would like to propose a three-tiered mentorship program.
    • The goal is to have women mentored by more seasoned veterans in NSCA such as Fellows as an example to increase the involvement and interest.
    • The Women’s Committee would like to request that the board approves a mentoring program to be in place for national conference in July.
    • ASCM has a similar program in place. Criteria has been provided to NSCA from the ASCM program as a model.
    • The Board of Directors agreed that this is a good idea but would like to see it expanded for use in the entire organization, not only Women’s Committee.
    • ACTION: Dr. Jill Bush will work with Dr. Rodney Gaines and Diane Vives to create an Ad Hoc committee to include members of the Women’s Committee. The proposed Ad Hoc Committee will take on the task of creating criteria for a NSCA mentorship program. The Ad Hoc Committee members will be approved by the Board of Directors at a conference call meeting to be set up in approximately two weeks. Once the committee has been approved, they will make recommendations and have board vote on those recommendations in July. Dr. NiCole Keith has set up the mentorship program with ASCM and could be a valuable asset to this committee. Dr. Alan Kinniburgh will ensure that staff gives administrative support.
  4. Research Committee update - Dr. Jill Bush
    • The NSCA Research Committee has worked to revise and update the policies and procedures for the committee.
    • ACTION: The Board of Directors requested NSCA staff to go through the revised policies and procedures meticulously to ensure all appropriate wording.
    • ACTION: Present the reviewed and updated policies and procedures to the Board of Directors for approval via conference call meeting in approximately two weeks.
  5. Prerequisites for CSPS certification - Mr. Chat Williams
    • Committee Recommends CPT and/or CSCS as a prerequisite.
    • At least one year of work experience was recommended but then there were questions with regard to how? In what areas? How would the board like to have verified? What is the appropriate amount of hours for prerequisites?
    • Following extensive discussion the Board of Directors recommended a minimum of 250 hours of practicum. CPRD training was also recommended.
    • The title of Certified Special Populations Specialist was discussed. The Board of Directors was in favor of that title.
    • ACTION: Ask the committee to finalize the package based on these recommendations. Approval of final package on Board of Directors conference call in two weeks.
  6. Update on the formation of the Exercise and Sport Psychology/Leadership Sig - Dr. Rodney Gaines
    • Dr. Rodney Gaines has been working with NSCA Membership Department to form NSCA Exercise and Sport Psychology/Leadership SIG.
    • Meeting scheduled tomorrow to work on goals and criteria.
    • Membership will be verifying that the applicants are members.
  7. Idea of NSCA Strength and Conditioning Major Clubs - Dr. Rodney Gaines
    • Proposal: Through this initiative it should increase student membership and awareness of the NSCA on college campuses and high schools in America. The idea is for NSCA membership who currently holds ERPs at their universities to form student organizations that align with the proposed mission of the strength and conditioning Major Clubs. Professional Faculty and Strength Coaches at the various schools that hold ERP for Strength and Conditioning or Personal Training can setup these formal student major clubs/organizations at their university. Because of the lengthy application process, the NSCA Student Major Clubs would work at schools that do not currently hold NSCA Education Recognition, and may be a pipeline for getting those schools into the application process for future ERP status.
    • Benefits: Will get NSCA name out as leader in strength and conditioning and personal training as well as getting more community service.
    • Need to identify whether there is any faculty interest to ensure their support. This program will struggle to get traction without that support.
    • The Board of Directors would like to see increased focus on the programs already in place to enhance them vs. creating new programs such as this one.
    • Look at making NSCA more prevalent in existing exercise/physiology clubs and explore how to interject information about NSCA into already existing clubs. One idea would be to provide information about career opportunities with NSCA certifications. Organize an “after hours” venue at a bar with food and drinks to create interest was also mentioned as an idea.
  8. Board members of competitive associations taking leadership roles in NSCA speaking and advisory roles – Dr. Rodney Gaines
    • This subject was brought to the Board of Directors by Dr. Gaines to create awareness to ensure integrity when it comes to members of competitive associations serving on advisory boards, holding other voluntary leadership positions in the NSCA, as well as taking platforms and speaker engagements at state and regional conferences in the NSCA.
  9. Building partnerships with state level AAPHERD conferences and AAPHERD – Dr. Rodney Gaines
    • Dr. Hoffman noted that NSCA is already working with AAPHERD.
  10. Update on the Diversity Committee - Dr. Rodney Gaines
    • The Diversity Committee will be meeting tomorrow and will be developing their mission statement.
    • The committee has talked about marketing and working with Scott Douglas, Director of Marketing and Communications for ideas.
    • Ideas include: Exhibitor space at Black Coaches’ Association conference and also discuss speaker exchange with Black Coaches Association.
    • Rather than add another conference that is solely focused on diversity, the Board of Directors would like to see a stronger diversity presence at already planned NSCA conferences.
    • ACTION: Look at feasibility of separate NSCA diversity conference. Dr. Gaines was tasked by the Board of Directors to come up with more concrete back up for measurement of success.
  11. Compensation for Diversity Committee - Dr. Rodney Gaines
    • The Diversity Committee would like to ask the Board of Directors if registrations to conferences could be waived.
    • The Board of Directors agreed that it would set a precedent for all other committees which they do not favor.
  12. Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. Jay Hoffman
    • The Lifetime Achievement Award is intended as a career award for what an individual has done throughout their career to significantly impact the NSCA.
    • A list of previous award winners and also retired NSCA members were request by the Board of Directors.
    • ACTION: Dr. Hoffman requested that the Board of Directors bring forward name nominations. Review criteria about number of years in the career/field. Include on the agenda for the conference call in two weeks.
  13. Changing the Name of the Special Achievement Award (Motion was created: see 2012-01-05-01 above)
    • Following discussion, the Board of Directors created a motion to change the name of the Special Achievement Award.
  14. Letter sent to Dr. Todd Miller from Dr. Chad Kersick with copies to all of the Board of Directors.
    • Dr. Chad Kersick sent a letter addressed to Dr. Todd Miller with copies to all of the Board of Directors with regard to his resignation from the NSCA Research Committee and the surrounding controversy.
    • The Board of Directors agreed that there would be no response collectively as a board to his letter. The Board of Directors directed Dr. Alan Kinniburgh to respond letting him know his letter has been received and distributed to the board however, the Board of Directors will continue to wait for the investigation to conclude.
    • ACTION: Add Dr. Colin Wilborn as the contact for Research Committee on NSCA website.
  15. Other -
    • Dr. Hoffman noted that he would like to see Baraket Falk, Ph.D. from Brock University in Ontario, Canada become involved with NSCA.
    • Dr. Hoffman noted that he would like to have Dr. Dan Cooper, a Physician affiliated with UC Irvine in nutrition become involved with NSCA.
    • Dr. Fleck noted that he would like to consider having Pediatric Exercise Physiology involvement with NSCA.
  16. Points About NSCA Fellow Ring - Dr. David Szymanski
    • Dr. Szymanski would like to suggest some changes in design to make the NSCA Fellow ring more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.
    • ACTION: Kim Ginter will work with Dr. Szymanski with regard to design modifications.
  17. Professional Image - Chat Williams
    • Mr. Chat Williams noted the importance of representing the NSCA as professionals and to encourage that of all certified members.
  18. Dress Attire Concerns – Dr. Jon Jost
    • Dr. Jost noted that there seems to be a disconnect between strength coaches and the board often times due to the more formal dress of the board members.
    • Consideration of having board members wearing NSCA polo shirts and dress slacks while going to the conference rather than more formal attire for perception purposes in projecting a more approachable image.
    • Dr. Hoffman noted that he is of the opinion that the Board of Directors should raise the bar and set the example with regard to dress code.


  • Karl Schwinck and Patrick Neukom, Wells Fargo Financial Advisors provided an investment presentation to the board.
  • They will come back with a specific portfolio and allocation if the board chooses to move forward. Their information will include allocation, investments and what the performance has been for that type of portfolio.
    Post-Presentation points made by the Board of Directors were:
    1. Important to evaluate their performance with other portfolios they have managed.
    2. Consider whether the purchase of land is a better investment. Alan to open and have more specific dialogue with World Arena about land purchase specifics.
    3. ACTION: Dr. Kinniburgh and Lee Madden to investigate other options and fee schedules.
    4. ACTION: Dr. Kinniburgh and Lee Madden will get more information together for the Finance Committee to review and discuss. They will then make recommendations to the board.
    5. The Board of Directors also expressed the recommendation to look at efficiencies across the organization regarding staffing structure.
    6. Time frame for new structure with new building is about 3 years.



Feasibility for Special Pops Journal - Dr. Hoffman

  • Committee and report was developed in December. Committee recommended not to develop a new journal at this time.
    1. To develop a new journal is not a simple undertaking.
    2. A question was raised regarding where to get articles for such a journal and what would the topics be?
  • At this time articles from our other journals might be placed on the NSCA website vs. creating a new journal.
  • With CSPS, it is likely that a journal on special populations will be needed into the future.
  • Define what the specific needs are to provide appropriate articles to make sure the goal is being accomplished. It will be important to provide good information for this certification category.
  • There will be time to evaluate (conduct a survey) the needs. In the interim, a resource center may be created with existing articles as a clearing house for the information. That will encourage individuals to utilize NSCA for the info.
  • JSCR archives may be utilized to pull out articles to fit the categories of need based on the survey.
  • Create essentials textbook once scope of practices are defined.

Motion to adjourn: Jay R. Hoffman
Second: Jill Bush
Passed unanimously
Meeting Adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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