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Figure Skating SIG Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2012 - NSCA National Conference

  1. Welcome SIG Membership 
  2. Purpose of the Figure Skating SIG: To provide information on strength training as it pertains to the sport of figure skating and to create a liaison between NSCA and USFSA. 
  3. Call for new members of E-Board:
    Open executive council positions are part of the SIG’s meeting agenda item. Individuals are voted on during the meeting as well. The Executive Council needs at least three E.C. members and can have a max of nine. If there are more individuals than open positions, it will go to the group attending the meeting as a vote. If not, request if there are any objections, if none are voice, they become part of the Executive Council. The new members are reported in the meeting minutes. The Chair position is decided on by the members of the Executive Council. Spoke w/ Melissa Vriner about participating as a board member, she is open to the idea and would like to receive more information. 
  4. New Business: 
    • Opportunities for new membership: PSA members as CSCS?
    • Opportunities for SIG exposure: Mass e-mail to STARS trainers
      • E-mail quarterly to the STARS master list: what to include: STARS Updates, training trends, acknowledgement of skaters/trainers with success. Finding strength coaches (refer a friend). Skating Magazine/PS Magazine article for importance of credentials (finding a trainer). PS magazine: Energy Systems

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