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Tactical Strength and Conditioning SIG Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2012 - National Conference

Overall attendance: Approximately 46 (including SIG Council members and speakers)
  1. Itinerary and feedback forms distributed to attendees
  2. Introductions:
    • Executive Council members in attendance (Katie Sell, Kevin Chimento, John White) and recognition and thanks to Mark Abel (TSAC SIG Chair)
      • Brief introduction of TSAC SIG purpose and relationship to TSAC Program
      • Discussion of forum – updates on past year success and emphasis on attendees completing the feedback form for 2012-2013 topic ideas
    • NSCA representative and TSAC Program Coordinator – Jason Dudley
      • Jason Dudley discussed current status of TSAC Program, TSAC Conference, TSAC-F certification (due out later this year) and accompanying textbook (due out next year), TSAC Conference 2013 dates and location (April 2013, Norfolk, VA) 
      • Discussion on TSAC Report – Invitation for articles and for assistance with writing from NSCA and TSAC SIG Executive Council members
      • Introduction of columnists present (Guy Leahy) and brief description of column topics coming up in near future
      • Thanks given to TSAC Program and SIG sponsors 
  3. Introduction of speakers/representatives from law enforcement, firefighting, and military distinctions by John White (also served as moderator)
    • The following speakers introduced population-specific topics related to strength and conditioning, program design, and numerous additional logistical, motivational, behavioral, and environmental influences on physical training practices in their respective populations and across all groups included in TSAC
      • Paul Henning, PhD, CSCS, CPT – Research Physiologist, U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
        • Presentation Title: What You Need Know About Training Military Personnel
      • Jason Dudley, MS, CSCS, USAW-1 – NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Manager
        • Presentation Title: Law Enforcement Training at the NSCA Headquarters
      • Katie Sell, PhD, CSCS, HFS – Assistant Professor, Department of Health Professions & Kinesiology, Hofstra University
        • Presentation Title: What You Need Know About Training Firefighters
    • Question and answer session – questions from the floor
      • Opportunity to expand on topics highlighted in presentations and large-group question/answer session
  4. Concluding Comments/Opportunities
    • Networking opportunities – TSAC Conference and internships in the field of TSAC
    • Collaboration and outreach – Benefits of using the forum and program utilities (e.g., TSAC Report) used to bring research to practitioners and tactical personnel
      • Availability of forum has been much better this last year and hopefully will continue to grow over next year
    • Members and non-members in attendance exchanged information and contact information

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