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Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2012 NSCA National Conference

The mission of the Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Special Interest Group (SIG) is to provide a forum to discuss related topics, network with other NSCA members, and disseminate information within and outside of the NSCA.

The intent of the Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Special Interest Group (SIG) is to promote this specialty area to NSCA members who are involved in Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation or individuals interested in related issues. Membership may include, but not limited to, physical therapists, athletic trainers, students of related fields, and other health related professionals (e.g., sports trained physicians and chiropractors). The Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation SIG will serve its members and members of the NSCA, as well as the public and consumers by working within the mission of the NSCA to bridge the gap not only between research and practice, but between traditional rehabilitation concepts and strategies that take advantage of strength and conditioning principles.

Agenda Items

  1. Introduction
    • Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation SIG
      • Purpose
    • Executive Council Members
      • Terry Grindstaff- Chair
      • David Potach- Vice Chair
      • Joe Hewgley- Secretary/Treasurer
      • Lisa Limper- At-Large
      • Mack Rubley- At-Large
  2. Presentation by Don Reagan, PT, DPT, CSCS: The Art & Science of Reset, Reinforce, and Reload
  3. Election 
    • Chair
      • Don Reagan, PT, DPT, CSCS
    • Vice Chair
      • Daniel Preusser, MSEd, ATC, CES
    • Secretary/Treasurer
      • Scot Morrison, CSCS, TPI-CGFI
    • At-Large (2)
      • Jeff Fields, MS, ATC, CSCS
      • Robert J. Butler, PT, PhD
  4. Updates
    • 176 Members
    • Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Specialist of the Year Award
      • Nominations Due December 15, 2012
  5. SIG Goals and Projects
    • Conference symposium
      • Pre- (conjunction with another SIG?)
      • General Session
    • Future Lecture Exchange Ideas
      • NSCA and Sports Section of American Physical Therapy Association
    • Strength and Conditioning Journal- Rehab Tips
      • Cosby NL, Grindstaff TL. Restricted ankle dorsiflexion self-mobilization. Strength Cond J. 2012;34(3):58-60. 
    • Other ideas from membership
  6. Continue to develop website and forum within the NSCA
    • Attract interested members
      • Option when joining/renewing membership
    • Convey information regarding SIG
    • Other media options?
  7. Continue to build membership 
  8. Open floor for other ideas

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