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Coaches Strength and Conditioning SIG Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2013 Coaches Conference

Mike Favre – Welcome and introduction of Boyd Epley

Boyd Epley

  • RSCC- Specific Distinction for the full-time S&C coach.  Annual renewal course Dec 1-7 to extend distinction.  Education materials provided free to RSCC members.
  • 314 RSCC, ensure current knowledge and education to avoid situations such as Rhabdo at Iowa.
  • Introduced Dr. Carwyn Sharp as new NSCA Director of Education.

Dr.  Carwyn Sharp

  • Ph.D. Sports Nutrition
  • Specialized in high intensity training
  • Objective to support coaches
  • Provide opportunities for S&C Coaches
    • Will seek our input for experts and supporting each other
    • Provide a way to grow & connect them…value for your membership and being in the SIG
  • Scott Caulfield introduced, Head S&C Coach at NSCA
  • Webinars advertised and marketed to administration, etc.

Mike Favre

  • 1st meeting as Chair
  • Executive Council:
    • Questions about current chair members status Dos Remedios and McKeefrey
      • Jon Jost confirms these two individuals have completed their terms
    • Opened meeting to nominations for executive council
      • Scott Fisher, Derek Jenkins, Lew Porchiazzo, Bryan Mann nominated
      • All four elected to 3 year terms
    • New council members expressed their goals during tenure:
      • Dr. Bryan Mann - Advance the field
      • Scott Fisher - Help connect administration
      • Derek Jenkins - Build Internships and connection with NSCA
      • Lew Porchiazzo - Move forward with NCAA

Opens floor to discussion on current state of profession:

Meg Stone

  • Interested in hearing Mike Favre’s vision
    • Favre responded:
      • Perfect world: profession having greater credibility by meeting specific standards for employment
      • Eliminate “back doors” hiring practices
      • Ladder or progression to full-time professions
      • Eliminate “Voo-Doo” for Evidence-based practices


  • Desire to interact with coaching committee to find a strategic plan for development in education and how to get in and move forward in the profession
  • Her vision:
    • Profession not where it currently needs to be.
    • Practical experience and education go hand in hand
    • Both are necessary to move forward in the field
    • We’re 1800’s equivalent of Medical Profession where anybody can claim to be an S&C coach without any need for certification and/or education
    • Lack of understanding on key topics, i.e. energy systems, strength & power development, etc.
    • Asked if “task force” papers will continue with NCAA


  • 2 way approach
    • Enforce educations/certs
    • Recognize achievements
    • Comes from NCAA
      • Standards with A, B, C, etc.

Jon Jost

  • Task force with NCAA involved and medical professionals
  • NCAA accepted recommendation that accredited certifications are necessary to hire S&C Coaches, but decided on “ideally” instead
  • NSCA is accredited
  • CSCCa is attempting accreditation
  • NCAA is improving
  • We need to continue education with AD’s and hold ourselves to high standards
  • Educate the NCAA on our profession and what we do
  • Takes time
  • “Embarrassing” without certifications

Andrea Hudy, Kansas

  • Is NSCA represented at Sport Coaching Conferences, i.e. Softball, Basketball, etc.?
  • Education of coaches is necessary
    • Stone
      • Revisit it


  • Voice of a strong coach, i.e. Nick Saban to support certified coaches could go a long way

Sean Pruitt

  • Who you know and what you’ve produced has been the standard
  • Coaches education is not necessary currently for coaches of any sport


  • Need for coaches education, fundamental change is necessary to avoid ruining athletes career


  • Coaches need to be researchers
  • Complete some level of research to move forward through the field

Dr. Mann

  • 75% academic, 25% S&C role currently at Missouri
    • Funding is necessary


  • Funding
    • Seek out NFL, MLB, NBA funding to maximize performance
    • “Babysitters”
      • Must shift from babysitting to improving performance
      • Shift perception on Sport Science

Howard Gray

  • Where does testing end and performance begin?
    • Track performance changes and improvements over time
    • Interpret performance for coaches and administrators to more effectively understand
    • Presence at annual coaches meetings
    • Higher level approach than SIG
    • Coaches not educated and progressive, rather random


  • Voice opinions in SIG meetings to take to the Board to make changes happen

Dr. Sharp

  • His department with Caulfield to communicate how change can happen
  • We must take ownership of speaking at these coaches conventions
    • There’s work to be done and we need to work hand in hand with NSCA and S&C Coaches

Bill Klika

  • Money rules everything, AFCA conference in the same location as Coaches Conference every year
    • “Brainless” to not reach out to them at these


  • Something beyond time and grade helps objectify better

Pat Ivey

  • Undergrad in Hotel & Restaurant management
  • Grad school Ex Phys & S&C not possible at Missouri, Master’s in Education
  • Head FB Coach and Administrations not concerned about certifications or education
  • Previously had questions about certifications and education from administrators
  • No questions asked now about certifications and education now though
  • Hire people around you to educate yourself, bring in intelligent people around you
  • The real “Certification” on resume is wins
  • NFL is revolving door, difficult to develop players
  • Physical Therapy doctoral student on staff with him
    • May be a conflict of interest with him and his DPT once completed because student-athletes then become patients
    • Needs to go through process to ensure legality of a DPT working with student-athletes as an S&C Coach

Shephard Allen

  • Segregation between ATC, PT, etc.
  • Collaborate with Coaches, ATC, PT, etc. to better understand the student-athlete as a whole
  • Create a holistic approach, collaboration amongst “performance team members”


  • Expansive conversation need to refine and refocus
    • Focus on taking care of our profession first and stay focused on that

Jason Cole

  • Tangents are present in these conversations
  • Underlying themes
    • We’re not ATC’s
    • We want to be separate from sport coaches
    • Take a step backwards to understand where to start
    • Drop the title “Coach” and identify who we are
    • Identity crisis, decide what we are
      • Jost response:
        • Controversially amongst us
        • Only in U.S. are we Strength “Coaches”
        • “Coach” benefits and hurts people
        • Hot topic
      • Cole
        • Can’t make everyone happy
        • Pigeon holes us immediately

Emily Enos

  • Establish relationships with University academic programs
    • Related course instruction
    • What is our connection in S&C with degree programs?
    • Who are resources and what are career options?

Mike Doscher

  • We all have same problems
  • Decision when we come together is what side we fall on
    • ATC went to medical side
    • If we shift that way, we fall under medical guidelines
    • If we shift away, we must develop relationships and coaching trees that are proven and develop own path
      • Who you know gets your first job
      • How you carry yourself after will keep you jobs
    • Must all be on board
    • Safeguards committee
      • Deaths blamed on S&C Coaches
      • Poor communication lines


  • Agrees with Doscher
    • Not medical profession
    • We have our own body of knowledge
    • Look at medical profession and use it as a guide
      • National Law put in through congress creating necessary education
      • Lost many “doctors” but were then bona fide profession
      • We must change the idea and must create a strategic change

Ben Gleason

  • What is a S&C Coach?
  • Administrator must seek liability
  • Expect them to know how the profession is developing


  • Change has happened in our profession
  • Many great improvements have occurred
    • Increased size of staffs
    • Increased number of schools that employ full-time S&C coaches
    • Increased pay
    • Access to research and information - Journal s by NSCA

Jesse Webber

  • Money, liability, reaching out to coaches conferences, and NCAA
  • Educate sport coaches on importance of education and certifications, then take it to College Presidents
  • All have a similar goal and must bridge that together
    • Favre
      • Take care of themselves


  • Before Mike, there was no order or structure for hiring at Michigan
    • Mike immediately instituted hiring standards at Michigan to obtain various positions and enforced them
    • On an individual basis, he created a set of standards to follow


  • It’s not completely bad to hire someone you know
  • Must ensure they are appropriately certified and educated
  • Provide opportunities for CEU


  • Historical perspective
  • 1988 at Nebraska, no one certified
    • All got certified together
  • Majority of coaches at this level are now certified
  • Significant improvements have been made
  • We must continue to place emphasis on education, proper hiring habits, etc.
  • Task Force and White Paper recommended Certifications
    • This matters for liability purposes
  • Certification doesn’t mean you are a great S&C coach, but it’s a step in the right direction
  • Communicate with each other, visit, talk shop, grow each other, hold each other accountable, we provide a great service


  • Passion about job and area, want to see the best happen
  • Best is yet to come
    • We are good and want to be great
    • This is a noteworthy profession
    • Be passionate about making it better!!

Meeting Adjourned at 12:40pm.  

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