Scholarship Review Committee

The NSCA Foundation is accepting applications for the Scholarship Review Committee. One position is available.

Deadline: Applications must be sent to and received by September 30, 2014. The candidate who is selected will begin their service immediately.

Committee Application Requirements
1. Short biography
2. Resume or abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
3. Letter of intent (identify ideas, goals, and desired outcome of involvement)
4. List of NSCA involvements (if not included in CV)
5. List of professional involvement relevant to committee (if not included in CV)
All required information must be submitted to the Committee Chair by the application deadline. Any applicant not meeting the minimal qualifications for the specific committee will be rejected.

Scholarship Review Committee Purpose
To review applications for scholarships supported by the NSCAF and make recommendations for funding.

Scholarship Review Committee Membership
The Scholarship Review Committee will be composed of five (5) individuals including one (1) representative from the NSCAF Board of Directors (BOD). The remaining four (4) committee members will be recruited from the general NSCA membership by the current sitting members of the review committee. Members should embody at least one characteristic of the four major scholarship categories (High School, Minority, Challenge or Women’s). The NSCAF BOD approves members from qualified applicants as submitted by the review committee Chair. Committee members must be current NSCA members and will serve a three year term with members rotating off annually. Members may be reappointed to the committee and serve consecutive three year terms, but can only serve two full terms in their lifetime. Service of less than half the term is not a full term.

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