• A Multidimensional Approach to Enhancing Recovery
    This article is a great resource for all personal trainers because it provides an overview of the stresses our clients deal with - physical, psychological, and emotional. Because each client is unique, learning how to adapt their training programs can better meet all expectations.
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  • NSCA ClassicsMultidimensional Approach to Enhancing Recovery

    Why You Should Read This Article

    As personal trainers, we all know that clients are motivated to various degrees and value exercise differently. Consider two clients: one who enjoys strenuous workouts and finds soreness as a sense of accomplishment, the other client doesn’t enjoying sweating and soreness at all.

    Will you design the same program and treat them the same? By identifying their level of motivation, you can adapt their training program to better meet their expectations.

    This article is a great resource for all personal trainers; it provides an overview of stresses our clients deal with, including physical, psychological, and emotional. The stresses must be taken into consideration in order to achieve optimal health and maximal results.

    In addition, understanding recovery and educating your clients on home-based recovery strategies will increase your image as a professional and the value you add to your sessions.

    Strength and Conditioning Journal:
    A Multidimensional Approach to Enhancing Recovery. Jeffreys, I.
    October 2005 - Volume 27 - Issue 5 - ppg 78-85

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