• A Pragmatic Approach to High School Weight Training
    Bob Alejo writes on the importance of utilizing a practical approach for developing proper high school strength programs. Entry and non-entry athletes both require specific preparatory phases of training, which is covered, along with other program specifics. Implementation of subtle, gradual changes, along with controlling volume to perform the least amount of work for the most benefit is warranted.
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  • NSCA ClassicsA Pragmatic Approach to High School Weight Training
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    General preparatory training, or general physical preparedness, is extremely important, to say the least. This is even more important for the high school athlete, who is still in a crucial stage of development for growth. The author recommends not peaking in high school to allow for the maturity of a good strength base, before the athlete moves on to higher and more specialized levels of training. Included in this article is the author’s recommended list of exercises that are most suitable for high school athletes.

    Alejo, B. "A Pragmatic Approach to High School Weight Training." 
    NSCA Journal 11(1): 16-19, 1989.
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