• Conditioning for Combative and Defensive Tactics
    Combat calls for more than maximum strength. At times, close combat can last for more than 3 min, so it is imperative that tactical operators include conditioning into their training programs to be prepared for all possible scenarios. Chris Mooney offers a program that consists of training three days per week to enhance conditioning levels for combat readiness.
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    Discover a tactical training protocol that helps improve combat readiness by increasing conditioning. This program can be progressed by increasing training time and decreasing rest time between exercises and sets. It also shows different ways to pair exercise modes together to cater to specific training effects.

    Mooney, C. "Conditioning for Combative and Defensive Tactics."
    TSAC Report, March 2008, Issue 5, Page 5.8

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      Do you believe that it may be less optimal to work on all components of fitness at one time (strength, power, endurance) versus the traditional model that emphasizes and de-emphasizes with strength, then power, and then conditioning closer towards a fight?

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