• Exercise Modifications and Strategies to Enhance Shoulder Function
    Personal trainers often work with clients who have previous injuries, in particular to the shoulder joint. This article identifies exercise technique flaws that may contribute to shoulder pain, as well as training strategies to promote shoulder health and function.
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  • NSCA ClassicsExercise Modifications and Strategies to Enhance Shoulder Function

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    Individuals over the age of 40 commonly suffer from exercise-related shoulder pain. This pain may be the result of many factors, some including instability, muscle weakness/imbalance, poor posture, improper exercise technique, and overuse. In this article, author Peter Ronai discusses these factors and provides practical exercise tips you can use to modify exercise technique to enhance your clients’ shoulder health and performance.

    Peter Ronai, MS, CSCS,*D, CSPS, NSCA-CPT,*D, FACSM
    Exercise Modifications and Strategies to Enhance Shoulder Function
    Strength and Conditioning Journal, August 2005
    Volume 4, Number 4, pages 36-45

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