• How to Test Anaerobic Power in Runners
    Validity of the Wingate anaerobic test for the evaluation of elite runners. From the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.
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  • Anaerobic Power RunnersThe utilization of aerobic versus anaerobic metabolism in sports is reliant upon the distance of the event. The anaerobic metabolic system kicks in during relatively brief and highly intense exertions (e.g. 100-m sprint) while the aerobic system is designed more for the prolonged lower intensity bouts (e.g. marathon). 
    The Wingate Test is one of the most common ways to measure anaerobic capabilities by measuring peak power and mean power throughout 5 and 30-s sprint bouts. A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research investigated whether there were differences in Wingate Test performances of short, middle, and long distance runners.

    Surprisingly, performances in the Wingate Test were not highly correlated with the running performances over any distance in elite runners as there were no significant differences in peak power or mean power outputs between short, middle, and long distance runners. Therefore, the Wingate Test is not recommended for the evaluation of performance in elite runners of any distance.
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