• Medicine Ball Training for Tactical Athletes
    TSAC athletes of all skill levels can benefit from rotational medicine ball exercise progressions. From the NSCA TSAC Report.
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  • Med balls2Medicine balls are weighted balls of varying sizes that can be used in a variety of different ways to increase core strength and stability. Experts have come to realize that all movement begins from the core (e.g., sitting up, standing, running, lifting), and the use of medicine balls to strengthen these muscles has become increasingly popular over recent decades.

    Peripheral muscles (arms and legs) might be strong enough, but a weak core results in the inability to transfer sufficient power between upper and lower extremities. A recent NSCA TSAC Report article featured a series of rotational medicine ball drills that began from a seated position and progressed to standing positions, which allowed for the transfer of energy between the peripheral muscles.

    Tactical athletes of all skill levels can benefit from this type of training. The different sizes of medicine balls as well as the exercise variations allow tactical athletes to properly progress their core.
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