• Variations of Periodization of Strength
    Tudor Bompa writes on variations in periodization models in adapting to strength training. The basic model of periodization in training for strength is not applicable to every sport or athlete. Bompa lays out several periodization models for varying physical characteristics and sports and lists how they should be developed.
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    All strength and conditioning professionals use periodization in some way during development of training programs for athletes. Tudor Bompa discusses the importance of varying periodization models for different sports and lists three factors that must be considered when using a certain model: 1) the dominant energy system for that specific sport, 2) the limiting performance factors from the point of view of strength, and 3) the objectives for strength training. These factors should be considered before determining what periodization model will be used.

    Bompa, T. "Variations of Periodization of Strength."
    Strength and Conditioning Journal 18(3): 58-61, 1996.

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