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    Articles and Videos of Interest

    Physical Education: Why Do We Make Kids Move?

    This article on physical education is a summary of a three-part series published on GrayCook.com. It focuses on recognizing the goal of physical independence in fitness and healthcare decisions, determining why we, as professionals, have failed to get there, and proposing what we can do to improve physical literacy in diverse populations.

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    Exercise Modifications and Strategies to Enhance Shoulder Function

    Personal trainers often work with clients who have previous injuries, in particular to the shoulder joint. This article identifies exercise technique flaws that may contribute to shoulder pain, as well as training strategies to promote shoulder health and function.

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    VIDEO: Top 20 Mobility and Warm-Up Exercises

    In this hands-on lecture from the NSCA's 2014 Personal Training Conference, Nick Tumminello demonstrates his Top 20 mobility and activation exercises and explains why they are in his toolbox. Nick talks about how it is important for trainers to sort through the hundreds of available exercises to better serve their clients.

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