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The Boyd Epley Award for Lifetime Achievement

The Boyd Epley Award honors individuals who exhibit historical impact, achievements, and dedication to the NSCA over the course of their career. The Board of Directors carefully deliberates to select the recipient of the Boyd Epley Award, as it is the most prestigious award a Member of the NSCA can receive.

Congratulations to our 2014 Winner, Lee Brown!Brown
History of the Boyd Epley AwardBoyd Epley Award

According to, Epley is arguably the single most important individual in the history of strength and conditioning in college athletics.

As the first full-time paid strength coach in history, Epley developed the “Four Steps to Success” philosophy that has impacted millions of athletes and strength and conditioning coaches across the world.

As the founder of the NSCA, Epley created opportunities for those interested in making strength and conditioning their career. Epley has been and always will be an advocate for improving the profession of strength and conditioning.

Past Recipients of the Boyd Epley Award

2013 - Gene Coleman, EdD, CSCS, RSCC,*E

2012 - Al Vermeil, CSCS, RSCC*E 

2011- Everett Harman, PhD, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

2010 - Steve Bliss, CSCS 

2009 -  Meg Ritchie-Stone, MS, FNSCA 

2008 - Bruno Pauletto, CSCS 

2007 - Gary A. Dudley, PhD, CSCS 

2005 - Steven J. Fleck, PhD, CSCS 

2004 - John Garhammer, PhD, CSCS, NSCA-CPT 

2000 - Mike Stone, PhD, FNSCA 

1998 - Tom Baechle, EdD, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D

1996 - Dan Wathen, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT*D, FNSCA 

1994 - William J. Kraemer, PhD, CSCS 

1993 - Boyd Epley, MEd, CSCS,*D, FNSCA, RSCC*E

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