Special Recognition

Retiring Board Members

This award is given to NSCA Board members as they leave office in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the NSCA.

Congratulations to our 2012 Winners, Jill A. Bush and Chat Williams

Bush and HoffmanWilliams and Hoffman

Past Award Recipients Include:

2012 - Jill A. Bush and Chat E. Williams

2011 - John P. McCarthy, Jeffery R. Stout, and Mike Nitka  

2010 - Karen Ballek, G. Gregory Haff, and Juan Carlos Santana  

2009 - Diane Vives and Perry Koziris  

2008 - Jose Antonio, John Taylor, and Mark Roozen  

2007 - Helen B Binkley and Juan Carlos Santana  

2006 - Avery Faigenbaum and Jay R. Hoffman  

2005 - Patrick Hagerman and Patrick Mediate  

2004 - Andrew Fry and John F. Graham

 2003 - Jaynie Schram and Travis Triplett-McBride  

2002 - David Pearson and Steven Plisk  

2001 - John Kordich, J. Henry Drought

2000 - Lee Brown  

1999 - Donald Chu, Lori Gilstrap Kossett, and Peter LaChance  

1998 - Richard Borden and Ed Jones  

1997 - Edmund R. Burke and Michael H. Stone  

1996 - Mike Nitka and Rich McClure  

1995 - Richard Borden and Mark Reiff  

1994 - Bruno Pauletto and Everett Harman  

1993 - Bill Kroll and Mike Burgne  

1992 - Pat Ciccantelli, Ray Moran, Russ Ball, and Doug Semenick

1991 - Bill Kraemer, John Garhammer, and Meg Ritchie

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