Special Recognition

Student Research Award

These awards are given to students who have presented an abstract at the NSCA National Conference.


Oral Presentation Doctoral: Luke Vella
Oral Presentation Master’s: Joshua Phillips, MS, CSCS
Poster Presentation Doctoral: Haley Bergstrom
Poster Presentation Master’s: Timothy Suchomel, CSCS
Poster Presentation Undergraduate: Ryan Lowery


Oral Presentation Doctoral: Matthew Stock, MS, CSCS and Trent Herda, MS
Oral Presentation Master’s: Chris Parchmann, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Poster Presentation Doctoral: Kristina Kendall, MS, CSCS
Poster Presentation Master’s: Julia Girman, CSCS2010 - Oral Presentation: Pablo B. Costa
Poster Presentation: Kristina L. Kendall, CSCS


Oral Presentation: Greg Myer, MS, CSCS
Poster Presentation: Abbie Smith, MS, CSCS


Oral Presentation: Loren Chiu, MS, CSCS
Poster Presentation: Jeremy Sheppard, CSCS


Oral Presentation: Prue Cormie, CSCS
Poster Presentation: David Bazett-Jones, CSCS


Oral Presentation: Sophia Nimphius, MS, CSCS & Chris A. Moore, MS, CSCS
Poster Presentation: Peter A. Blumert, CSCS


Oral Presentation: Travis Beck
Poster Presentation: Chad Kerksick, CSCS,*D, NSCA-CPT,*D


Oral Presentation: Loren Chiu, CSCS
Poster Presentation: Junichiro Yamauchi


Oral Presentation: Joshua Miller, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Poster Presentation: Michael Hartman III, CSCS

2001 - Heather Sanderson

2000 - Maria Mountain-Diedrechson and Joel Cramer

1999 - Atilla J. Zink, CSCS

1998 - Scott Stevenson

1997 - Kainoa Pauole

1996 - Linc Gotshalk

1994 - David Martin

1992 - Andrew Fry

1993 - John Caruso

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