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Join the thousands of personal training and strength and conditioning professionals around the world that share the NSCA's passion for advancing research, education, training and coaching of athletic performance and fitness.

Volunteer Spotlight

Eric Reed, CSCS,*D, RSCC is this month’s Volunteer Spotlight. Reed is the current NSCA Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator and Vice Chair of the High School Strength and Conditioning Coaches SIG. He has also previously served as Arizona State Director.

Grants and Scholarships

Grant and scholarship applications will be accepted via electronic submission through March 15. Read the application packet for complete details and eligibility. Funds will be awarded for the fall 2014 education year.

NSCA Career Programs

As part of its mission, the NSCA offers an internship and assistantship program.

Internship Program

Gain hands-on experience through the NSCA. Apply to be an intern by March 15.


View hands-on, exercise technique, lecture, and expert tips from NSCA conferences and symposia.

Mentor Board

We invite you to become an NSCA Mentor and assist the next generation of strength and conditioning and fitness professionals.


The NSCA Membership Committee invites the submission of presentations for the Career Series Talks, which are career-related, informational resources presented at NSCA conferences and provided as an online video resource to NSCA Members.

Career Series Lectures

he NSCA provides career-focused benefit videos designed to help members gain expert insight, knowledge and tips to help further their careers.

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Learn how you can prepare for a certification exam. NSCA-CPT, CSCS or CSPS certifications available.


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