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Members of the Nomination Committee are elected by the membership of the Association. The Nomination Committee is responsible for selecting the most qualified candidates to run for NSCA President, Board of Directors (BOD), and Nomination Committee positions. Experience working with other associations or groups on similar tasks is helpful but not required. To apply for the Nomination Committee, please follow the instructions below.

How to Apply

Candidates wishing to be considered for a position on the Nomination Committee must follow these specific steps. If you miss a step, you may not be considered a candidate for the Nomination Committee*

Step 1. Complete the Candidate Information Form (below).
Step 2. Complete the application questions.
Step 3. To be eligible, you must fulfill the following:   
  A Board member, except for the Public Member, must be a member in good standing of the NSCA, hold an active NSCA certification, and either hold a bachelor’s degree, or higher, from an accredited educational institution, or be a Fellow of the NSCA. Employees of the NSCA may not be a candidate for the Board of Directors.
Step 4. Submit current vitae or resume, list of NSCA involvement, other professional activities, and recent head shot (high resolution .jpg).

*Your application will not be accepted unless you meet these requirements.


Please direct all questions to: Brenda McQuay at or call 1-855-303-3891. Please do not contact any member of the Nomination Committee.

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Questions for Nomination Committee Applicants

Why do you want to serve on the Nomination Committee?    
What is your understanding of the organizational structure of the NSCA?    
One of the roles of the Nomination Committee is to find qualified candidates for Board of Director positions. How would you go about seeking or identifying candidates who would be representative of the diverse population of our membership and consistent with the NSCA mission statement?    

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