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NSCA-CPT Workbook, Audio DVD & Assessments

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The workbook and 17 audio CDs review major content areas included in the NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training textbook. This workbook includes outlines, figures, tables and glossaries of terms developed by symposium speakers.  The audio files can be imported to iTunes or your current media player.  You are encouraged to listen to the symposium audio files, refer to the workbook outlines, and make additional notes on the outline pages.  Although the presentations were recorded at a live symposium and were subsequently edited for length and audio quality, they do retain some room sounds, voice fluctuations, and content variations that are typical of a lecture given to a group of people in a large auditorium.  At the completion of each section, you can take a self-assessment online at NSCA.com.

Major Workbook Topics:   

  • Structure and Function of the Muscular, Respiratory, and Cardiovascular Systems
  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Training Adaptations
  • Biomechanical Concepts
  • Client Consultation and Fitness Assessment
  • Free Weight and Machine Exercise Techniques
  • Aerobic Exercise Prescription
  • Weight Training Exercise Prescription
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Issues
  • Training Special Populations, Part 1
  • Training Special Populations, Part 2
  • Emergency and Legal Issues in Personal Training  

Online self assessments should be accessed after completing each section of the workbook.  Log in at NSCA.com>Certification>Certification Resources>Self Assessments.