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    * TSAC-Approved Program currently providing evidence-based knowledge and assessments that align with the NSCA’s and the TSAC Program’s national standards and guidelines.

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    Welcome to the TSAC Program

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    The Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) Program is an educational program designed specifically to optimize mission/job performance for tactical athletes and tactical facilitators.

    Since 2005, the program has been achieving that goal through a combination of cutting-edge research, proven training methods and field experience, leading to reduced injury risks and increased strength, power, speed, agility, and aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

    The NSCA together with leaders in SWAT, special operations forces, conventional military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue developed this program with one goal in mind – provide the highest level of physical training possible to those who serve and protect our country and local communities. 

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    Stay up-to-speed with the latest training techniques and demands in the tactical field, all from evidence-based research.

    Check out the TSAC Report... 
    Ensure that your department/unit is providing the highest level of effective physical training for your tactical athletes through an NSCA TSAC approval. *

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    Get certified to ensure that your tactical athletes are getting the highest standard of training possible.

    Learn More About TSAC-F Certification...
    Encourage your personnel to become TSAC-F certified, and to reap the benefits of NSCA membership.

    Learn More About TSAC-F Certification... 
    Further your tactical training knowledge with researchers and experts involved directly with your field at NSCA events.

    Learn More About the TSAC Annual Training...
    Receive on-site training from certified experts in regards to the specific needs of your department and/or unit at a location best suited for you.

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    Sign-up to train with certified professionals at the NSCA Headquarters’ Performance Center (Colorado Springs only).

    Contact the TSAC Program…  
    Work with qualified professionals and participate in training at the NSCA Headquarters’ Performance Center (Colorado Springs only).

    Contact the TSAC Program... 
    Find the latest available tactical strength and conditioning job openings from across the country. 

    Search the TSAC Job Board...  
    Use the TSAC job board to post open positions in your department/unit that require NSCA certification.

    Post on the TSAC Job Board... 
    Discover a TSAC facilitator in your area that is qualified to train you as a tactical athlete or is available to network with and shadow if you’re interested in kick-starting a TSAC career. 

    Find a TSAC Facilitator...  
    Encourage your personnel to work with a local, qualified TSAC facilitator.

    Find a TSAC Facilitator... 
    Receive ongoing, educational support, career development, and access to a global professional community of more than 30,000, and prepare for more TSAC opportunities coming soon!

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    Want to Learn More about the TSAC Program? Email Us!

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    TSAC Annual Training 2015 | April 6-9, 2015

    To be held in Orlando, Florida!

    The way heroes train should be the highest priority. And at the NSCA’s TSAC Annual Training, it is. The 2015 TSAC Annual Training is the most comprehensive event available for military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue training, all in one location. It brings together the key elements needed to build a strong, foundational knowledge for training tactical athletes, including scientific exercises and techniques backed by years of research and evidence-based principles. 

    Leaders of the industry present on their field-related expertise, and share the safest and most effective methods for strategic implementation of procedures. Developing a substantial training toolbox is made easy with hands-on sessions and specialized tracks geared toward military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue. The unique learning opportunities are endless, so you’ll want to be there.


    TSAC Facilitator's Course - Coming 2015

    TSAC Outreach Facilitator's Course

    This is a three-day, customized course that can be held at a site or facility of your choice, designed to target the specific needs of your unit or department.  It provides the latest evidence-based training techniques for tactical operations presented by industry experts.

    Want to learn more? Contact Us

    All NSCA conferences and events are subject to changes in location and date; as well as possible cancellation without notice.

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    TSAC Report

    The TSAC Report is is an online publication specific to the techniques and demands required for training tactical athletes.  Articles are written by a wide variety of experts in tactical training and research and are all panel reviewed.  

    The TSAC Report contains columns dedicated to three main areas of the tactical population including military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue. The publication is available to Associate and Professional members of the NSCA.

    View TSAC Report
    Join as an NSCA Member!

    Write for the NSCA TSAC Report

    Interested in writing for the NSCA TSAC Report? Download TSAC Report Author Guidelines or email the NSCA Publications Department at tsacreport@nsca.com.


    NEW! TSAC-F Exam Prep Online

    The NSCA currently offers an Exam Prep Online for individuals preparing for the Tactical Strength and Conditioning-Facilitator (TSAC-F) certification exam. Enrollment in our Exam Prep Online will provide you access to a series of modules that will review the knowledge, skills, and abilities most commonly tested on the NSCA exams.

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    TSAC Job Board

    The demand for personnel who are properly trained and specialized in tactical strength and conditioning is growing. Find the latest TSAC job openings.

    Find a TSAC Facilitator

    If you’re a tactical athlete actively looking to find someone qualified to write an exercise program specific to your job’s physical demands, then use the “Find a Certified Trainer” tool to locate one near you. This tool is also great if you’re looking for a career within the field and need to find a certified professional to shadow or network with. Find a TSAC Facilitator.


    From the Field

    Interested in learning more about TSAC directly from the field? Take a look inside the careers and background of coaches and facilitators currently working in the TSAC field. Our From the Field one-on-one interviews provide exclusive information and insight. Read From the Field.


    NSCA Classics

    The NSCA has been publishing research-based articles for many years. Peruse through our NSCA Classic collection for strength training and conditioning research and exercise techniques that are TSAC-related and still remain relevant today. Read NSCA Classics.

    NSCA-Certified Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC-F)

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    The scope of this distinct certification is to apply scientific knowledge to physically train military, fire and rescue, law enforcement, protective services, and other emergency personnel to improve performance, promote wellness, and decrease injury risk.

    The exam and certification were developed by a committee of subject matter experts.  The experts came from all disciplines within the protective services to not only develop, but also test and confirm each exam question.

    Interested? Learn more about the TSAC-F or register to take the exam.  

    TSAC ebook

    Prepare for the TSAC-F Exam

    The NSCA's Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator’s Reference Guide eBook is now available as a study tool for candidates seeking to earn the TSAC-F certification. 

    The book targets the most comprehensive information needed when preparing to transform the way tactical athletes train, including:TSAC-F 

    • Structure and functions of body systems
    • Training adaptations
    • Testing and evaluation
    • Exercise techniques
    • Program design
    • Organization and administration of facilities

    Only the most TSAC-relevant content was selected to ensure a concise study aid for the exam. The NSCA’s Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator’s Reference Guide not only provides candidates with information for the exam but also increases their knowledge of safe and effective practices in tactical strength and conditioning.

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    NEW! TSAC-F Exam Prep Online

    The NSCA currently offers an Exam Prep Online for individuals preparing for the Tactical Strength and Conditioning-Facilitator (TSAC-F) certification exam. 

    Enrollment in our Exam Prep Online will provide you access to a series of modules that will review the knowledge, skills, and abilities most commonly tested on the NSCA exams.

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    TSAC Program FAQs

    A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pertaining to the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program (TSAC).

    Can I take part in the TSAC Program if I am not in the military or part of law enforcement/fire?

    Yes, you can. Anyone is welcome to take part in the program; however, the program is geared toward those who are actively administering exercise to those in the military, law enforcement, fire service and first response.

    What does the TSAC Program offer?

    The TSAC program currently offers the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC-F) certification, the NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator’s Reference Guide, an annual TSAC Conference, TSAC Facilitator’s Courses, TSAC Outreach Facilitator’s Courses, an online publication called the TSAC Report, and a national job board search.  Keep a look out for our new live and online exam prep courses in 2013! 

    Where can I search for current tactical strength and conditioning jobs?

    Access Career Services through the membership tab at the top left hand corner of the NSCA web site, and a link to the Job Board can be found on the right side of the page under “Career Services.” Or you can follow this link: Job Board.

    How do I sign up to receive the TSAC Report?

    To receive the TSAC Report, you must be at least an Associate Member with the NSCA. The TSAC Report is available to all members of the NSCA and can be found on the NSCA website here.

    How can I submit an article to the TSAC Report?

    To submit an article to the TSAC Report, please refer to Author's Guidelines or email the NSCA Publications Department at tsacreport@nsca.com

    What is the difference between the TSAC Annual Training and the TSAC Facilitators Course?

    The TSAC Conference is intended to present new research and training concepts to those in the tactical field (both facilitators and operators), whereas the TSAC Facilitator’s Course is designed to educate an individual on the specifics of administering exercise to tactical individuals. 

    When is the next TSAC Facilitators Course offered?

    TSAC Facilitator’s Courses are currently on hold until 2015.

    Can I host a private TSAC Facilitator’s Course or Outreach Facilitator’s Course for my unit or department?

    Yes, we do offer closed Facilitator’s Courses that are geared at the needs of your department or unit. The fee starts around $9,500 US but varies depending on group size and travel costs. Please contact TSAC@nsca.com) for further information. 

    Will I receive CEUs for the TSAC Annual Training/TSAC Facilitators Course?

    Yes. You will receive 2.0 CEUs for attending the TSAC Conference or a TSAC Facilitator’s Course in their entirety (.8 for only one day). This is consistent with the current NSCA CEU structure of 0.1 CEU per hour of attendance, or 1.0 CEU per presentation hour if you are a presenter who holds an NSCA certification. 

    Can I use those CEU’s towards a different certification?

    Yes. The CEUs can be used towards NATA/BOC. You will need to request a certificate of attendance through the Conference Department to use to petition the CEUs towards anything else other than that. 

    Is there a certificate of completion that comes with the TSAC Facilitator’s Course?

    No, we no longer supply a certificate of completion for the TSAC Facilitator’s course unless it is specifically requested. If you need a certificate of completion for any reason please contact our Conference Department (800.815.6826 ext 204). 

    Future Resources to Help Tactical Athletes Excel

    As the NSCA continues to build the TSAC Program to its fullest potential, it will develop more tools to help change the way tactical athletes train. These items are currently not available, but continue to check back for further updates on release dates and new opportunities. 

    Essentials of Tactical Strength and Conditioning Textbook

    The Essentials of Tactical Strength and Conditioning is being designed to be the most comprehensive textbook available for tactical facilitators and tactical athletes. A collection of industry-leading authors, coaches, and practitioners have been brought together to compile a complete scientifically-based, practical approach to training tactical athletes. 

    NEW! Now Available - TSAC-F Exam Prep Online

    The TSAC-F exam prep is a supportive tool that will help to draw a wide array of job-specific factors together along with current knowledge of strength and conditioning. The exam prep incorporates material provided in the TSAC-F Reference Guide e-book and concludes with a short end of course practice exam.

    This course is not considered to be a stand-alone resource for the TSAC-F certification. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the TSAC-F Reference Guide e-book. The TSAC-F Reference Guide e-book is available for purchase at humankinetics.com. You will be directed to the link once your purchase is complete.

    Purchase Exam Prep Online