• Hybrid Strength Complexes for Fat Loss & Conditioning
    This hands-on lecture features Nick Tumminello, who spoke during the NSCA's 2014 TSAC Conference on the programming and use of hybrid strength complexes to lose fat and increase conditioning.
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  • Tumminello

    About the Author:

    Nick Tumminello

    Nick Tumminello is the owner of Performance University, which provides hybrid fitness training for athletes and educational programs for fitness professionals worldwide. Tumminello has worked with a variety of clients from National Football League (NFL) athletes to professional bodybuilders and figure models to exercise enthusiasts. He has served as the conditioning coach for the Ground Control Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fight Team. Tumminello has also produced 15 DVDs and is a regular contributor to several major fitness magazines.


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      I would have paid for this! Glad I didn't have to - Tumminello already has enough of my money :)
      Thanks NSCA for putting this out there!

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