• Occupational Load Carriage - Formal and Informal Conditioning
    Rob Orr, PhD, ADFPTI, BFET, MPhys, TSAC-F, spoke during the NSCA's 2013 TSAC Conference on the topic of tactical athletes and load carriage. Orr discusses how critical it is to perform the appropriate training - formal and informal - to prevent load injury.
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    About the Author:

    Dr. Rob Orr, PhD, ADFPTI, BFET, MPhys, TSAC-F

    Dr. Rob Orr, PhD, ADFPTI, BFET, MPhys, TSAC-F, joined the Australian Army in 1989 as an infantry soldier before transferring to the Defense Force Physical Training Instructor (PTI) stream. Serving for 10 years in this stream, Orr designed, developed, instructed, and audited physical training programs for military personnel and fellow PTIs from both Australian and foreign defense forces.

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