Enhancing Motor Learning with Sled Training
    Sled exercises provide a training stimulus that closely mimics real-world physical demands of sports. This article provides examples of how to implement sled training into a program.
    Tactical Programming Considerations—Preparing for the Army Physical Fitness Test
    There are many factors to consider in the planning and implementation of any strength and conditioning program. With proper planning, tactical facilitators may be successful in preparing potential soldiers for the APFT.
    Attenuating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness in Untrained Individuals
    The purpose of this article is to compare and contrast popular methods used to reduce muscle soreness. The article looks at caffeine, cold water therapy, BCAAs and aerobic exercise and briefly examines their efficacy in treating DOMS.
    What is the Catch? Clarifying Weightlifting Exercises and Terminology
    This article covers commonly used terminology from United States of America Weightlifting (USAW), plus it contains illustrations of the basic positions for weightlifting exercises.
    Utilizing the Priority Training System for First Responders
    The “priority training system” is one method first responders can use to ensure adequate exercise while not overexerting to the point that they are too fatigued to perform their jobs.
    Application of Program Design to Training Seasons
    This article compares various athletic training phases of the year (i.e., off-season, preseason, in-season, and postseason) with regards to aerobic endurance training methods.
    Maintain Training While Traveling with Dumbbells: Personal Insight
    Continuing training while on the road can be difficult. Dumbbells provide a beneficial alternative during travel when barbells, bumpers, racks, and platforms are scarce.
    Keep it Simple: Progression Methodology for Designing EMS Programs
    This article provides simple ideas and examples that the TSAC-F can adapt and apply to simplify their programming process while still progressing their tactical athletes.
    Development of Biomotor Abilities for Soccer
    Gain insight into the interactions between strength, power, speed, and agility for soccer players. Also, learn basic programing guidelines that adhere to current research.
    Reintegration Considerations for Tactical Athletes
    From a strength and conditioning perspective, how should a tactical athlete be reintegrated when they return to a kinetically operational workplace after time away?