Development of Biomotor Abilities for Soccer
    Gain insight into the interactions between strength, power, speed, and agility for soccer players. Also, learn basic programing guidelines that adhere to current research.
    Reintegration Considerations for Tactical Athletes
    From a strength and conditioning perspective, how should a tactical athlete be reintegrated when they return to a kinetically operational workplace after time away?
    Land-Based Strength and Conditioning for Swimming
    Incorporating land-based strength and conditioning into a training regimen can give a swimmer a competitive edge. As with every sport, there are sport-specific exercises the athlete should perform in order to mimic the specific sport movement they are trying to improve.
    Is Live High/Train Low the Ultimate Endurance Training Model?
    Live high/train low: what changes can be expected, what dose is required, and is it preferable to other training models for improving performance in endurance sports such as running, swimming, and cycling?
    Ruck-Based Selection Training
    Training to move heavy weight over a distance presents the participant with a unique set of physical challenges not typically seen in other training programs. However, there is a greater risk for injuries if appropriate training is not engaged in prior to the event.
    Considerations for Decreasing Injury Risk during Physical Training
    The purpose of this article is to provide suggestions for professional practices that will decrease the risk of injury during physical conditioning and promote a safe and productive training environment.
    Six Essentials to Safe Participation
    Hydration, footwear, and exercise frequency are only a few of the essentials to safe participation in cardiovascular activity. Make sure to include all six essentials in your program to ensure safe participation.
    Tactical Training: Stick to the Basics to Avoid Event Training
    There is some benefit to exercise simulation, a certain required task should not be the foundation of a tactical athlete’s exercise program.
    Quantification of the Aerobic Component in Strength/Conditioning Programs
    The development of aerobic conditioning in athletic performance, regardless of sport, is extremely important. This article provides the benefits and adaptations that aerobic training provides to all sports.
    Everyday Physical Tasks Required of Law Enforcement Officers
    During encounters in which every second counts, even small advantages can optimize performance and ensure that law enforcement officers will go home at the end of every shift.