• The 8 Myths of Movement
    • By:Shawn Myszka, MS, CSCS,*D
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    • Webinar Date:9/3/2014
    • Recording Length:01:00:00
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    If you work with athletes in any context, you ultimately have one singular purpose: to assist the athlete in enhancing his/her performance where it counts, which is where it is played. At the very core of this performance lie the movements performed by the human body during the execution of the sporting tasks and endeavors. Thus, as training professionals, the purpose of our work should be the optimization of those movements. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of false information on how to most effectively follow through on this objective which has been perpetuated throughout the industry for years. This webinar will face those myths head on and attempt to bust them once and for all while also offering solutions to some of the most common movement problems that exist in training and sport circles.

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