• NSCA Webinars
    Real World Recovery Techniques
    This webinar will describe evidence from scientific research and elite athletes and coaches for the most effective and efficient recovery techniques (exercise and nutritional) for high intensity training. Dr. Sharp will also discuss evidence which debunks some popular yet ineffective practices. Dr. Sharp will then describe how he and other coaching practitioners individualize and implement these techniques.
    Athletic Profiling: Choosing a Periodization System to Maximize Individual Athletic
    Periodization has become a standard in western strength and conditioning, but depending on who is asked it is used and defined in many different ways. This presentation is based on a review of the available research and seeks to categorize periodization into three distinct categories based on the level/needs of the athlete.
    Short- and Long-Term Periodization Models for Performance Training
    This webinar focuses on design models for client and athlete strength and movement training. Discussion includes, but is not limited to, year-long long-term athlete development models and micro- and macro-cycle design, including loading and unloading cycles for short- and long-term athletic programs. Weekly, monthly,16-week and yearly templates are presented and discussed. This webinar is designed to give the coach/practitioner the tools with which to design, build and execute short- and long-term program models for their clients and athletes.
    Using Exercise Heart Rate to Optimize Training Adaptations
    Have you only been using heart rate monitors with your endurance athletes and clients? Learn how improvements in technology will allow you to expand the use of heart rate monitors with many other types of athletes and clients. The information presented in this webinar will range from basic physiology of heart rate training through understanding the factors that influence heart rate response.
    Strategic Exercise Program Design for Endurance Athletes
    This webinar will present a strategic process for designing a complete training program for endurance athletes including metabolic training, the development of muscular fitness to enhance performance, and injury prevention strategies. Periodization strategies will be discussed along with a step-by-step process for selecting proper training variables.
    Year-Round Strength and Conditioning Considerations for Basketball Athletes
    Presented by Coach Andrea Hudy, MA, CSCS, RSCC*D, USAW-1, this presentation will describe the year-round periodization strategies used for strength and conditioning by Kansas Men's and Women's Basketball. You will learn a variety of traditional strength training exercises and sport specific movements unique to University of Kansas Basketball, as well as how to properly periodize a year-round program using non-linear periodization.
    Off-Season Development for Elite and Professional Baseball
    This presentation will go through an entire off-season periodization model for high-level baseball players. It will focus on all the important aspects of the overall system, and provide detailed descriptions, examples, and sample plans on the following: strength and power training, evaluations and joint realignment and overall pre-habilitation protocols, positional breakdown (pitcher vs position), power endurance, strength endurance, reactive neuromuscular training, and speed/movement training.
    How to Maximize Your Training Session with Proper Preparation Techniques
    Offered by Coach Shannon Turley, this presentation will cover various topics that pertain to preparing for physical activity or exercise. This webinar will overview movement preparation, activation, and dynamic warm up and why each of these modalities is utilized within the training preparation for Stanford University football.
    Buy In: Keep Your Young Athletes and Adult Clients Coming Back
    This webinar will explain strategies and best practices for keeping your clients and athletes motivated and keep them coming back to you for more. Bill Parisi, CSCS, of the Parisi Speed School, will discuss how to develop client and athlete buy-in before, after and during the session, to increase your referrals and retention rate.
    Applied Injury Prevention Techniques for Females
    This presentation will include an in-depth look at applied techniques in training to help prevent injuries in females. Learn techniques currently being used by the record setting University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball Team Strength and Conditioning Staff.