• Carbohydrates and Intense Training: No, Low, or Go?
    • By:Anthony Almada, MSc, FISSN
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    • Webinar Date:10/17/2014
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    The field of performance nutrition is intensively divided by the subject’s of carbohydrate intakes and demands. Examination of the evidence base reveals: 1) very few studies have been conducted among trained athletes, comparing chronic low vs. moderate-high carbohydrate intakes and their impact on performance and body composition; 2) very few studies have been conducted among resistance trained athletes, evaluating carbohydrate demands; and 3) dietary carbohydrate sources differ dramatically in their absorption/disposal rates (e.g., glycemic index bears no relevance to the “speed” of a carbohydrate source). Take an evidence-based journey into the world of carbohydrate demands in strength/power and intermittent/endurance athletes.

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