• Training Considerations for a Fitness Challenge
    In this article, Steve Rhyan provides training considerations for such fitness challenges. He discusses the importance of (relative) strength, power, and anaerobic conditioning to the successful completion of the event and wraps it all up with program design recommendations.
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    Why You Should Read This Article

    Chances are, you have already completed a “fitness challenge (FC),” such as a Tough Mudder, Muddy Buddy, etc. These challenges incorporate a number of challenges across various disciplines such climbing, crawling, swimming, running and more. These challenges have experienced explosive growth, with this growth comes opportunity for new personal training clients—after all, bench press and walking on the treadmill in the fat-burning zone will only get you so far when climbing over a muddy, slippery hill.

    "Training Considerations for a Fitness Challenge"
    Steve Rhyan, MA, CSCS, EMT
    Strength and Conditioning Journal
    August 1999 - Volume 21 - Issue 4 - pp 61-65

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