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    EAS_BannerWelcome to the Sports Nutrition Education Program

    A healthy and well balanced nutrition program—combined with an appropriate exercise and training regimen—is the foundation for developing optimal health, fitness and success in sports. However, sports nutrition is a complex—and often times confusing—area of study and with a vast amount of information and misinformation available in the popular press.


    As a result, there is a desperate need for a credible resource that individuals can rely on to provide research-based information regarding basic and advanced nutritional concepts.

    As a result of this dilemma, EAS and the NSCA have joined forces to address a common objective: educate strength and conditioning professionals, coaches, and athletes on the importance of proper nutrition when striving to attain optimal performance results.

    In the NSCA Sports Nutrition Education Program, you will learn the latest scientific research and arm yourself with critical knowledge to educate your athletes and clients with the vital information required to fuel performance, improve fitness levels, and maintain health.

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    About EAS

    EAS is the only science-based sports nutrition brand that is certified as safe and free of banned substances by the National Football League and National Football League Players Association; the comprehensive supplement certification program. More than 1200 professional football players in the NFL have been using EAS sports supplements since 1990 to help achieve their nutrition and performance goals. Visit the EAS Academy website.

    EAS_BannerWelcome to the EAS Academy

    EAS Academy promotes cutting-edge scientific research to advance the knowledge base in nutrition and physical performance. The following learning modules are available at the EAS Academy website

    Specific modules are accompanied by an NSCA CEU quiz (noted after the title). More quizzes are in development and will soon be available for all EAS Academy learning modules. 

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    Sports Nutrition Overview

    Understanding nutrition is essential for everyone to properly fuel their bodies. The following EAS Academy learning modules introduce nutrition as well as its role on metabolism and exercise. 

    • Introduction to Basic Nutrition Concepts PURCHASE QUIZ 
    • Nutrition and Energy Metabolism for Exercise


    Macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) provide the body with energy in the form of calories. They also serve as the major building blocks for optimal health and recovery. The following EAS Academy learning modules explain the current research on carbohydrates and protein specifically. 

    • Carbohydrates – The High Octane Fuel for Exercise
    • Carbohydrates in Exercise and Recovery- Novice
    • Carbohydrates in Exercise and Recovery- Advanced (Parts 1 and 2)
    • Protein and Amino Acids in Sports Nutrition-Novice
    • Protein and Amino Acids in Sports Nutrition-Advanced (Parts 1 and 2)

    Ergogenic Aids

    Ergogenic aids are any substance, mechanical aid, or training method that can improve sports performance. The following EAS Academy learning modules explain specific nutritional ergogenic aids and their effects on athletic performance. 

    • Ergogenic Aids- Caffeine
    • Ergogenic Aids- Creatine  PURCHASE QUIZ 
    • Ergogenic Aids- Steroid Precursors  PURCHASE QUIZ 
    • Creatine Interactive Learning Module
    • Background on Beta-Alanine, Muscle Carnosine Levels and Muscle Function  PURCHASE QUIZ 

    Tactical Nutrition Supplementation

    The NSCA’s TSAC Program has brought attention to the unique needs of tactical athletes. Nutrition plays an important role for military, law enforcement, and fire/rescue personnel. The following EAS Academy learning module explains optimal nutrition recovery strategies for tactical athletes. 

    • Recovery Nutrition for the Tactical Athlete
    EAS Resources

    This section will help expand your understanding of the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise science—plus the latest topics that have the health and fitness industry buzzing.

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    Sports Nutrition Downloads

    These resources are designed specifically for personal trainers to educate their adult and youth clients about sports nutrition.

    Sports Nutrition for Adults 

    Sports Nutrition for Youth 

    Browse other sports nutrition articles, presentations and handouts at the EAS Academy Trainer Resources page.