• Conjugate Periodization
    Coach and powerlifter Matt Wenning, MS, discusses the benefits of conjugate periodization in this talk from the NSCA's 2013 Coaches Conference.
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    About the Author:

    Matthew Wenning, MS

    Matthew Wenning is one of the best powerlifters of his generation, totaling over 2,600 lb on various occasions, and winning top national and world-level competitions. As the owner of Ludus Magnus performance center in Columbus, OH, Wenning has worked with multiple National Football League (NFL) players, U.S. Army Rangers, firefighters, triathletes, and general populations. His experiences with firefighters include serving as a Strength and Wellness Coordinator for the Washington Township Fire Department in Dublin, OH, where he implemented a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning program for over 130 firefighters. Wenning has held various contracts with the U.S. Army, specifically in the Special Forces division. He is the director and co-founder of the Mountain Athlete Warrior (MAW) program. Along with training firefighters and Army officers, Wenning works with children with disabilities, seniors, and others who seek performance increases both on the field and on the sidelines. He currently trains a handful of NFL players and is a college and professional sports team consultant. He has over 12,000 hours of experience as a Division I college strength coach in a variety of sports, including football, track and field, swimming, and baseball. Wenning holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master of Science degree in Sport Biomechanics.

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      Awesome presentation, been on the Conjugate system for the past year and can say I have broken every single PR and plateau I've ever faced.

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      Excellent video. I thought it was a very good overview of conjugated Periodization with quality research behind the method. I just wanted to know what if anything the athletes would do on days 2, 4 and 7 (most likely Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)? what ifmore» any exercise would be recommended on those days, or are those strictly rest days?«less

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      I don't think anyone can doubt the results that Matthew Wennings are producing. I think that it was a great talk with many excellent take home points, the ones about training efficiency being a main one. Mr Wennings give clear references to themore» Westside Barbell Club, whose founder Louie Simmons are known for promoting the conjugate system in their training. For those considering conjugate periodization, it is important to know the way the system is described in Supertraining by Siff, is - at least in my opinion - different from the way it is laid out here. For example, in Supertraining it is mentioned that a key benefit of the conjugate system is that you can train LESS. Also the conjugate system is described as a SEQUENTIAL system, not a parallel system (the way Mr Jennings presents it). Lastly there is no set training frequency or intensities associated with the conjugate system as it is presented in Supertraining (even though the book clearly gives suggestions). I am not trying to say that any one is right or wrong, just observing a difference. Last, in my opinion, the inclusion of the maximal effort method, the repeated effort method and the dynamic effort method is very similar to the structure of the daily undulating periodization scheme with multiple intensities within the same week.«less

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