• Low Intensity Alternatives for Strength and Hypertrophy
    Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS,*D, presents at the NSCA's 2013 National Conference on the controversial topic of blood flow restriction training and its effects on strength and hypertrophy.
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      This is an excellent presentation on Blood Flow Restriction/Occlusion/Kaatsu Training. Wilson provides some great tidbits of information in his presentation that are most likely lost in one viewing. In plain English, "The devil is in themore» details". On tidbit of information is in regard to "Non-Rest Condition in Set" (2:30 minute mark), which engages "The Size Principle"...works the gamut of muscle fiber. Take Home Message: The greatest knowledge comes from viewing this several times. You discovered things you overlooked the first or second time. Kenny Croxdale«less

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