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    Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coaches—Apply for Jobs with the Best Strategy: A Personal Perspective
    Looking for a job is an art and a skill. Not looking at it that way may cost a strength and conditioning coach a great opportunity. This article provides one experienced coach’s perspective on what is important as a strength and conditioning coach looks to climb the ladder or change positions in the profession.
    Using Questions to Improve Coach Effectiveness
    After going to a conference, networking, and returning to your normal schedule and location with all the new ideas, tips, and tricks, what happens then? The purpose of this article is to show how using questions and reflecting can help turn professional development activities into actionable improvements in your coaching practice.
    An Integrated Approach to Becoming an Effective Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Intern—for the Exercise Science Student
    An internship is a good way for the exercise science student to start getting some valuable experience in the field of strength and conditioning. The purpose of this article is to present an integrated approach to becoming an effective intern in the collegiate setting.
    How to Build a Stand-Out Personal Training Career
    Are you looking to build a career in fitness? Do you want to help others pursue their fitness goals? A personal training career can be incredibly rewarding, says Amy Thompson, National Director of Personal Training Services at Wellbridge. In this article, Amy provides entry- and mid-level advice to anyone looking to pursue a career as a personal trainer. From planning your education to preparing for your interview, she outlines the preliminary path to building a career in personal training. This article is a must-read for anyone looking to become a successful personal trainer.
    Tactical Facilitators in Firefighting
    Advice and guidance for firefighter-specific TSAC practitioners and trainers, including steps to building a health and wellness program for firefighters.
    The Promises and Perils of Academic Life: Perspectives of Women in Science
    This article provides guidance for women on the steps involved in an academic career, including earning graduate and terminal degrees and obtaining tenure and promotions at universities.
    Developing a Career in TSAC: Profiles of Practitioners
    Profiles of six TSAC professionals, with description of each coach’s career path and recommendations.
    Career Development for Women as Strength and Conditioning Coaches
    This article discusses career development and progression for women in the field of strength and conditioning. Coach Andrea Hudy provides her personal insight as she touches on goal setting, core values, and professionalism.
    Developing a Career in Academia
    Are you interested in pursuing a career in strength and conditioning research? Chad Kerksick, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico, provides insight into some of the advantages and disadvantages of a career in academia. Kerksick talks about how to choose a path, and the different types of academic jobs available today.
    Best Business Practices - Personal Training
    Three top personal trainers—Juan Carlos Santana, Robert Linkul, and Chat Williams—discuss “best practices” in the profession of personal training.