From Talking the Talk to Walking the Walk: A Demonstration of ... Learn how to differentiate between the three critical tactical psychological skills related to enhancing tactical athlete performance, and how each tactical psychological skill impacts performance for the tactical athlete. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 TSAC Annual Training, Peter Jensen, PhD, teaches how to apply each tactical psychological skill in a training setting to improve tactical athlete performance. Bridge: Improving the Pro Agility Drill, with Loren Landow Loren Landow, owner of Landow Performance in Denver, CO, demonstrates errors and coaching tips for the pro agility drill. 5 Researched Ways to Become a Fat Burning Beast Learn how to increase the body’s use of fat as a fuel without compromising the use of carbohydrates for higher-intensity training. Mike Nelson, PhD, explains how combining specific nutrition and exercise together affects the use of fat as a fuel, in this session from the NSCA’s 2017 Personal Trainers Conference.
    Bridge: Impacting the Force-Velocity Curve, with Bo Sandoval Bo Sandoval, Director of Strength and Conditioning for the UFC Performance Institute, walks through weightlifting examples used to elicit changes in the force-velocity curve. From the Lab to the Weight Room: How to Bring the Cutting-Edge ... In this session from the NSCA’s 2018 Coaches Conference, Bryan Mann discusses the latest research presentations from the NSCA National Conference that have immediate implications for the strength and conditioning coach. Classroom to Weight Room: Partnering Education with Coaching A ... Learn how to effectively transition students from the classroom to hands-on coaching and apply theory into practice. In this session from the NSCA’s 2018 Coaches Conference, Liane Blyn and Travis Triplett discuss the importance of having a well-thought-out internship curriculum to educate future strength coaches and share strategies to assist future strength coaches in developing a coaching philosophy and presence in the weight room.
    Age-Specific Speed Development: “Can You Make My Kid Faster, F ... Learn practical programming ideas to implement in youth speed training programs. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 National Conference, Lance Walker explains how to leverage the differences between starting, acceleration, and maximum velocity dynamics (movement preparation) and plyometrics. Learn about the most common errors made by young athletes when training linear speed with practical tools, teachings, and contextual cues. Fundamental Principles of Upper Body Training: Pushing, Pullin ... Identify common misconceptions related to shoulder function and learn about the process of improving shoulder mobility, stability, and strength. In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 Personal Trainers Conference, Lee Burton, PhD, provides easy-to-prescribe screens and exercise progressions to improve and maintain shoulder function. Programing for the Special Forces Community In this session from the NSCA’s 2017 TSAC Annual Training, Jeff Nichols teaches how to properly program for the Special Forces community, as well as common mistakes in doing so. He also explains the difference in programming for selection versus post-selection.