General Safety Considerations for the Power Clean
  • General Safety Considerations for the Power Clean
    Leo Totten writes on the importance of safety when teaching and completing the power clean. There are several considerations that are not readily seen when performing power cleans. These include lifting on appropriate surfaces, not using spotters, lifting in separate areas of the facility, using appropriate barbells, wearing proper lifting shoes, wearing belts at the appropriate times, and using straps at appropriate times.
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    The power clean is often used in strength training programs to enhance power development. Leo Totten discusses the importance of proper power clean technique in minimizing the risk of weight room injuries. Along with proper technique, comes the importance of structurally preparing the athlete to handle the impact of high-velocity loads and the impact to the body. Learn some of the intricacies of power clean safety that are not often thought of by coaches.

    Totten, L. "General Safety Considerations for the Power Clean."
    NSCA Journal 8(4): 65-67, 1986.

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