Teaching of Technique in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk
  • Teaching of Technique in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk
    Istvan Javorek writes on the importance of using the Olympic lifts to improve sports performance. In doing so, he provides you with different exercises to effectively teach your athletes how to learn and perform the snatch and clean and jerk.
  • NSCA ClassicsTeaching of technique in the snatch and clean and jerk
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    As new techniques and methods become old, the old become new. This article provides a perspective on how the snatch and clean and jerk were taught and used with athletes many years ago. Some techniques have changed over the years, but you will find the information included to be very useful. While some of the names are different, the exercises used are the same, or similar, to exercises of current athletes. This article provides a perspective on how lifting techniques were taught years ago and how you may be able to use them now.

    Note: It should be noted that the NSCA does not approve of some of the positions that are included in this classic article. Namely, the “good morning position 1” and “high pull snatch position 1” are not conducive to proper lifting technique of current standards. Their inclusion is important, however, because it serves to illustrate how far we have come as coaches.

    Teaching of Technique in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk by Javorek, I.
    NSCA Journal 8 (5): 56-62, 1986.
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