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Join the thousands of strength coaches, personal training and strength and conditioning professionals around the world that share the NSCA's passion for advancing and disseminating research, education and practical training techniques to improve athletic performance and fitness.

2018 NSCA Elections

The Academician/Researcher and Personal Trainer Board of Director Member positions, along with two Nomination Committee seats are up for election. Vote for individuals who share your vision for success!


The NSCA is proud to recognize the outstanding work of our professionals around the world. Please take time to nominate your peers when you see excellence that deserves NSCA recognition.


NSCA-certified members can take advantage of the Certified Professional with Liability Insurance Membership. Get ALL your membership benefits plus $5 million in liability insurance coverage.

State and Provincial Community

Get involved and learn more about the NSCA's extensive state, regional, and provincial community. Connect with your State, Provincial, or Regional Coordinator.

Special Interest Groups

Members with similar interests are encouraged to join and be involved with the SIG(s) of their choice to expand their knowledge-base and build their professional network.

Become a Fellow of the NSCA

The NSCA accepts submissions to become Fellows of the NSCA (FNSCA). This prestigious recognition is bestowed on those who fulfill stringent criteria. Read on to learn more about how to become a Fellow of the NSCA.

Online Forms

Applying, nominating, and verifying are all made easy with our online forms and applications. You can verify your membership or certification status, nominate colleagues for awards, or apply to participate on a committee and more.

Get Involved With the NSCA


Play an active role and participate in committees.


Student Assistantships

The NSCA has various opportunities for strength and conditioning student assistantships and internships.


NSCA Forums

We invite you to get more involved - join a Regional or Special Interest Group or attend one of our national, regional, and local strength and conditioning events. Getting involved opens doors - expand your network, meet with innovative leaders, and forge lasting connections with passionate peers.


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