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The CSPS Practice Exam was developed by NSCA and is representative of the nature, scope, and difficulty of an actual CSPS exam.

The Practice Exam serves to provide an opportunity for prospective CSPS exam candidates to: 1) develop a clear understanding of the content, organization, and the relative time constraints of an actual CSPS exam; 2) evaluate strengths and weaknesses through self-scoring; and 3) have specific resources to reference for further study.

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  • Paperback Booklet
  • 32 pages, 30 questions
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This Practice Exam is NOT an actual CSPS exam. It is similar in difficulty and content distribution, but not length. Also, the Practice Exam quesitons are specific to this booklet and are NOT found on the CSPS exam.

This Practice Exam is NOT designed to address ALL possible topics that could be included on an actual CSPS exam.

Therefore, it should NOT serve as the only method to review exam content areas or to assess your level of preparation for an actual exam.

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