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The items included in the CSPS Study Package will assist those preparing for the Certified Special Population Specialist® (CSPS®) exam by describing the content, scope, and distribution of the exam questions. 

  • Hardback Textbook
  • Paperback Booklets
  • Essentials of Training Special Populations
  • CSPS Exam Content Description
  • CSPS Practice Exam
  • Non-Member Price: $147.60 USD
    • Member Price : $127.80 USD
  • List Price Savings: $16.40 USD

Item Details:

Product Code:  5-001

Once you have reviewed the textbook, exam content description and completed the practice exam, you should have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses about topics related to the CSPS exam.

If further review in one or more content areas is needed, a comprehensive list of references and other study resources is provided at the end of the CSPS Exam Content Description Booklet.


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