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CSCS Essential Plus Pkg w/Online Study Course Key Code

This package contains all of the main exam prep material for the CSCS exam plus the online study course and additional resource for exercise technique.  The online study course is recommended if you are looking for a supplement to the Essentials of Strength Training, 4ed, textbook.  It provides a reading plan as well as a mock exam that is 1/3 the length of the actual exam. You will not be able to access the online study course until you receive the textbook in the mail and redeem the key code.  If you require immediate access you will need to purchase at

This package is ideal for a candidate who is new to the field, does NOT have a background in the field, or just wants all of the study materials NSCA provides. 

If you are purchasing for another individual or multiple individuals, please contact us at so that the order(s) can be created for you.  Please review restrictions for online items.

  • Product Code:  2-022
  • Essentials of Strength Training, 4ed, w/Online Study Course
  • Exercise Technique Manual, 3ed
  • CSCS Exam Content Description
  • Exercise Science Online Questions
  • Nutrition Online Questions
  • Exercise Technique Online Questions
  • Program Design Online Questions
  • Organization & Administration Online Questions
  • Testing & Evaluation Online Questions
  • Non-Member Price: $526.50 USD
    • Member Price : $466.20 USD
  • List Price Savings: $58.50 USD

Item Details:

Copyright 2014 NSCA.  All rights reserved. Reproduction, modification, translation, distribution, or transmission of NSCA’s Online Practice Questions in any form, in-part or in-full, is strictly prohibited.

The CSCS Textbook with Web Resource and Online Study Course Keycode, Exercise Technique Manual with Online Videos, and Online Practice Question Bundle included in this package are online items that have restrictions.

- A new key code must be purchased if the one included in the textbook is misplaced or redeemed. 
- Key code is redeemed and web resource accessed at
- Textbook not returnable if unwrapped.
- Questions are accessed online at through recipient's profile.
- Access linked to recipient's log-in at (My Account > Courses & Practice Questions).
- Purchases are non-transferrable.
- Purchases are non-refundable.
- Not available for multiple users.
- Valid for one (1) year from date of purchase.
- References provided for each question.

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