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Developing Power

With exercises and drills, assessments, analysis, and programming, this book will elevate power and performance in all sports.

In Developing Power, you’ll find research-based recommendations from the world’s leading experts on power development.

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  • 264 pages
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Coverage includes the following:

- Assessment protocols for testing jumps, throws, and ballistic exercises
- Step-by-step instructions for exercises and drills for upper body, lower body, and total body power
- Guidance on how to add progressions safely and effectively for continued development
- Multiple training methods, such as explosive weight training, Olympic lifts, and plyometrics
- Ready-to-use programs for 12 of the world’s most popular sports, including basketball, rugby, soccer, football (American), volleyball, baseball, track and field, swimming, wrestling, golf, rowing, and winter sports

Leaving no topic uncovered, Developing Power is the most comprehensive resource dedicated to increasing athletic power. These are the exercises, programs, and protocols being used at the highest levels of sport and performance. With Developing Power, the experts at NSCA are ready to elevate your power.



Part I: Essentials of Power Development
Chapter 1. Nature of Power
Chapter 2. Assessment of Power
Chapter 3. Periodization and Power Integration
Chapter 4. Power Training for Different Populations

Part II: Exercises for Power Development
Chapter 5. Upper Body Power Exercises
Chapter 6. Lower Body Power Exercises
Chapter 7. Total Body Power Exercises
Chapter 8. Advanced Power Techniques

Part III: Sport-Specific Power Development
Chapter 9. Team Sport Power Training
Chapter 10. Individual Sport Power Training

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