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    Learning to Fail: A Prerequisite for Success in Mission Critical Teams – Part 2
    If Mission Critical Teams intend to enhance their capability, they must first embrace a learning organizational culture and develop a belief that organizations are required to continually improve and adapt in the current competitive and complex environment in order to survive and prosper.
    TSAC Research Review, Issue 46
    This article is the eleventh in a continuing series of tactical strength and conditioning (TSAC) research reviews. It is designed to bring awareness to new research findings of relevance to tactical strength and conditioning communities.
    Polarized Endurance Training (PET) for Cardiovascular Endurance Optimization
    There is growing evidence that polarized endurance training is a promising method for optimizing a tactical athlete’s cardiovascular system, preparing for physical performance tests, allowing for a more full recovery during deployment, and allowing for safer return to duty after injury or deployment.
    The Often Forgotten Exercise—Isometrics
    Learn 12 isometric exercises that can be used to help maintain or develop strength. These exercises can be performed almost anywhere and typically require no equipment.
    A Sample Six-Week Exercise Program to Improve General Physical Preparedness for an Occupational Physical Assessment
    This article provides a sample six-week, non-linear program for improving muscular strength, power, endurance, anaerobic capacity, and aerobic capacity. However, this is not a “one-size fits all” program, and manipulation of the program variables may be warranted for some individuals.
    Considerations for Ruck Injury Prevention in the Low Back
    Given the high prevalence of injuries that occur during rucking, implementing an injury prevention program is paramount. Disseminating information on proper injury prevention training methods and reducing the risk of ruck-related back injuries can improve overall mission readiness with minimal lost training time.
    Learning to Fail—A Prerequisite for Success in Mission Critical Teams—Part 1
    This article proposes that fostering a capacity to accept failure in training will be a necessary prerequisite to enhance capability and ensure future mission success.
    Building Strength in the Fire Academy—Sample Training Program from Personal Perspective
    Through a well-designed resistance training program, firefighter recruits can gain the movement skills, confidence to exercise, and foundational strength/physiological adaptations that they need for a long and healthy career.
    Validated Physical Abilities of the California Law Enforcement Patrol Position of a Large Southern California Agency
    To operate at the highest level possible, tactical athletes should train for the validated physical abilities applicable to their respective positions as identified by applicable subject matter experts.
    History of Fitness Testing in Tactical Occupations
    Physical assessments have evolved as a result of developments in scientific research, equipment loads, operational environments, and doctrine.