How to Prepare for the CSPS® Exam
  • How to Prepare for the CSPS® Exam
    One of the most common questions received is, "How do I prepare for the CSPS exam"? Since candidates come from wide and varied backgrounds, we recommend a few different approaches to studying for the CSPS exam. Learn more about preparing for the CSPS exam.
  • The CSCS, CSPS and NSCA-CPT examinations reflect the most current and accepted KSA standards within the health and fitness industries. Further, the examinations may be developed from references that may be in addition to resources listed below. NSCA materials survey important content area, but are not a comprehensive study of the Exercise Sciences.

    CSPS® Exam Study Materials

    Suggested NSCA Resources

    checkmark  CSPS Exam Content Description E-Book
    The booklet contains a description of the role and scope of practice of those preparing for the CSPS®; An explanation of the complexity levels of the questions on the CSPS® exam; Instructions on how to read and understand the Detailed Content Outline (DCO); Self-assessment questions to help determine your level of preparedness for the CSPS® exam; A list of additional study references.

    checkmark Essentials of Training Special Populations

    Self-Essentials of Training Special Populations is the essential text for fitness professionals who, using an individualized approach, assess, motivated, educate, and train special population clients, including those with chronic and temporary health conditions.

    checkmark CSPS Online Practice Questions

    checkmark CSPS Essentials Package


    Additional/Optional Resources

    - Clinical Exercise Physiology, 2nd edition by Ehrman, Gordon, Visich, and Keteyian
    - Guidelines for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs, AACVPR, 4th edition
    - AACVPR Cardiac Rehabilitation Resource Manual
    - Online Course – Exercise Management for Cardiovascular Conditions