High School Coaching
  • Utilize this special collection of articles and videos designed to help high school strength and conditioning coaches improve your coaching game, assist your athletes in achieving their greatest potential safely and effectively, and put research into practice in your training sessions. From long-term athletic development to weightlifting curriculum models for high school athletes, apply these resources to learn from leaders in the profession and reach higher in your career.

    High School Coaches Articles
    A variety of NSCA Coach, Career Series, and Personal Training Journal articles selected to address common issues within the high school strength and conditioning realm. Topics include developing physical literacy, enhancing motivation, weightlifting in high school athlete development, and more - Read Articles ...

    High School Coaches Videos
    From common misconceptions to developing a new program, these conference videos are designed to equip high school strength and conditioning coaches with tools for success - View Videos ...

    Welcome, Coaches!

    The High School Coaches Special Interest Group (SIG) works to make sure the NSCA meets the specific needs of the high school coach.

    In addition to the articles and videos highlighted on this page, we offer coach-to-coach communication through the HS Coaches SIG Facebook group. Please join the group today (it’s free) and help us make it a more valuable resource for all coaches.