Is Strength and Conditioning Necessary for the Youth Football Athlete?
  • Is Strength and Conditioning Necessary for the Youth Football Athlete?
    Youth weight training is often misunderstood. However, as more injuries occur in youth football, we have to ask if strength and conditioning could help prevent both the severity and frequency of injuries.
  • NSCA ClassicsIs Strength and Conditioning Necessary for the Youth Football Athlete?

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    Training younger athletes has become more prevalent in recent years. This is especially true with contact sports like football, where injuries occur more frequently. The importance of strength training in helping to decrease the likelihood of injury among youth football athletes has never been clearer.

    Although training is important, it must be done correctly due to the chance of epiphyseal fracturing and damage to muscles and tendons. Supervision of youth training by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists® (CSCS®) is imperative to achieve the adaptations that are desired.

    Martinez, David, MA
    Is Strength and Conditioning Necessary for the Youth Football Athlete?
    Strength and Conditioning, August 1997

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      This article is great in which it doesn't leave any questions unanswered. I am a firm believer in getting kids doing different types of strength training at a young age, to a certain extent. In reality I believe that no weight in some instances ismore» better then any weight, many of these kids being introduced will need one on one supervision to prevent injury, body weight squats is better then any type of weighted squat for someone just learning. I also believe that strength bands would be great tool for younger age athletes as well.«less

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      While the strengthening of this age group is necessary-avoidance of specific areas is warranted as well. I have never been comfortable with "loaded" Squats for the Youth Athlete in general yet opted to prepare them for loading in a year or so.more» Depending upon where they fall in their "growth-curves" and how they perform in specific functional and performance tests is how I decide what specific training components I will address the most aggressively.«less

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      Very well written. Easy to understand with good info.

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      Great information!

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